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4 Favorite Pet-friendly USA Hikes

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#006666″ style_color=”#006666″ align=”left”]West Coast: Solstice Canyon, CA[/heading]

If you’re cruising the coastline and find yourself near Malibu, take the path less traveled with a detour into Solstice Canyon. You’ll find the trailhead off the Pacific Coast Highway near Corral Canyon Park.

Your reward for locating this hidden jewel is a lush waterfall and giant boulders to climb on. Other highlights include the oldest “still-standing” stone building in Malibu, a small creek, shaded hiking and the ruins of a mansion. This 6.9 mile hike is well-marked and dog-friendly, but keep an eye out for the occasional snake.

[load_module id=”581″] [box style=”soft” title=”Tip:” box_color=”#006666″ radius=”9″]Consider having your dog snake-trained and/or vaccinated if you frequent areas with high rattlesnake populations.[/box] [box title=”Trail Etiquette” box_color=”#996633″]
  • Keep It Clean: The only waste in a forest should be from woodland creatures. Be sure to pick up after your pet as they can pass along diseases to the wildlife and destroy local fauna.
  • Respect Wildlife: Never allow your dog to chase a squirrel or bird.
  • Protect Vegetation: Remember, the higher you travel, the more delicate the vegetation. It can take only seconds for your pet to destroy a flower that took months to grow.
  • Keep Dogs on Leash: Your dog should always be on leash so as not to frighten other hikers, chase wildlife, or become endangered.
  • Yield to Horses & Hikers: If you meet a horse or another hiker on the trail, it’s courteous to step off the trail with your dog and allow others to pass by unmolested.
    Follow the Rules: Be respectful of our forests so we can continue to bring our pets with us on hikes.


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