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RemoteLync Protects Pets Against Fire and CO2


In early July, authorities reported that 14 dogs had died in a fire at a central California boarding facility. In early 2000, a Phoenix facility lost 27 dogs they were boarding due to a fire. Did you know a fire happens every 70 seconds in the US? A fire can happen any time.

We love video cameras as a way of monitoring our pets, but if you’re like me – you can become immune to the constant audio notifications that often result from a simple hissing of a cat as he passes by his nemesis. Besides, there are just some things cameras can’t tell you – like if there is a carbon monoxide leak or if your smoke alarm goes off.

Luckily, there are devices created for your home that do allow you to check for these types of problems.

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RemoteLync is a monitoring device that listens for your home’s existing smoke or carbon monoxide alarms and immediately alerts you via an in-app notification, text, email or call should an alarm sound. In addition, you can set up a network of contacts to be notified, and there is an option to call 911 directly.

If your boarding facility does not have one of these installed, you should be asking them why they don’t. This is a device that helps save lives.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]How To Install[/heading]

RemoteLync is very easy to install. It works with your home’s existing alarms and doesn’t require additional setups.

  • Download the app onto your phone or tablet
  • Simply plug the device into any existing outlet.
  • The unit then listens for any type of smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and uses your WiFi to remotely activate you.

The device is compatible with both Android and IOS compatible phones and tablet.

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/MLquEKMQPM8″] [heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]Set up requirements[/heading]

The RemoteLync monitoring solution works with a home’s existing alarms and Wi-Fi and does not require additional products or monthly fees.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]How it Works[/heading]

It uses patented technology to distinguish smoke and carbon monoxide alarms from background noise to reduce the chance of a nuisance alarm. When an alarm riggers the device, RemoteLync communicates via a free app that can be customized to notify an entire network, including neighbors and family, or even call 911.

We found that this was a great “secondary protection”. They have made it easy to use, offering peace of mind to those who have to leave their pets at home while they work or travel. This is somethign that should be in every home and every area that boards or cares for pets (or children!).

Kidde makes it easy to protect your pets against both fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have sensing technologies that work together to detect fires and the odorless, colorless, tasteless gas known as CO – the silent killer. Each combination alarm includes the company’s patented Nighthawk™ electrochemical CO sensor. It also has powerful safety features that include:

  • Acoustic Detection Device – listens for the sound of a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and will send an alert to your smart phone, tablet or PC.
  • Works with your existing smoke or carbon monoxide alarms – designed to work with all UL-approved smoke and carbon monoxide alarms manufactured after 1999.
  • Easy to Install – plugs into a single wall outlet with voice prompts and a user-friendly interface for easy set up.
  • Easily connects with your existing wireless router.
  • Always On – monitors existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms 24/7 and notifies the homeowner via a mobile app using the home’s existing wireless connection.
  • Device Compatibility – works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Full-Home Coverage – one RemoteLync device will cover the average-sized U.S. home.
  • Cost-Effective – no need to purchase additional products and no monthly fees; RemoteLync app is free.
  • UL listed.
  • One year warranty.

Keep your pets safe when you’re away from home. Pick up one of these devices today.

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