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Vimtag P1 Cloud Camera Review

vimtag camera

f you’ve been on the hunt for an inexpensive solution to monitor pets, the Vimtag® P1 Premium IP Wireless Network Security Camera, Plug/Play, Pan/Tilt with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision may be the camera you’ve been looking for in life.

The Vimtag P1 offers you a friendly app, night vision, hi-def recording, 4x Digital Zoom, pan and tilt, and motion-triggered push notifications.

The app is quite user-friendly and accommodates up to 30 cameras (and four separate users) at a time. This is a nice option if you have multiple users – for example, my husband and I both enjoy remote monitoring our pets on our own phones. The Vimtag app allows up to four guest users to install the app and monitor.

Here are some other facts you should know about Vimtag and why it would make a great camera for your home.

[note style=”5″ icon=”yes”]We received a unit for our unbiased opinion on this camera. We are not obligated to promote this item. When possible, we use affiliate links in our posts – this helps allow us to continue bringing helpful articles to you. Thank you for using them to help keep this website alive![/note] [heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]Setup[/heading]

We had a few problems setting the camera up not because it’s difficult, but because our home network is difficult. We have numerous devices, a complex networking path, and plenty of issues for a non-techie person to navigate.

However, a quick call to customer support made a difficult process simple. They are very easy to talk to, will navigate you through the simple set up in seconds, and we highly recommend you give them a call if you have a network like ours. If your network is relatively simple, this is a plug-and-play camera.

I just want to add that without exception, every user we spoke with has had no problem whatsoever with the set up of this camera and that means I’m the exception.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]Features[/heading]
  • Multi User Support: Up to 32 cameras and 4 other users
  • Advanced Night Vision: We thought the quality of night vision was superb. This is a crisp image that allows us to see our all-black cats in the dead of night.
    360 degree audio pickup
  • SD Card support: Record around 60 hours of video on a 32GB card and around 120 hours on a 64GB card. Purchase the cards separately.
  • Scheduled Recordings: You can either take a quick snapshot or record when the camera detects motion. Set up to four schedules to record as long as you want on whichever days you want, or you simply choose to record 24/7. NOTE: You’ll need extra storage for these features (see Cloud box)
  • Alerts: Alerts can also be set up so that you get a notification on your computer or phone when something trips the sensor. This is an ideal feature for pet owners.
  • Speed: About 25 frames per second
  • 2-way audio: Talk to your pets or eavesdrop on their discussions
  • High resolution: Hi-def video recording with 4x Digital Zoom. Default resolution is 640×360 – change to a higher resolution in settings.
  • Pan & Tilt: Fully controllable pan and tilt functionality for near complete in-house coverage.
  • Recording: It records to a the Vimtag cloud box (purchased separately), an SD card (like what you would use for your phone or tablet) and of course you can download it at any time via the Internet, or stream live video via the Internet anytime. The video is automatically saved in MP4 format
  • Apps: iOS or Android – there are separate apps for each device.

Best of all – no storage fees for video…The video is stored or locally on the SD card or on a cloud storage box (purchased separately), and you only pay a one time fee for the box and you can remotely access the videos free of charge.



[heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]Mounting[/heading]

The Vimtag camera comes with a mounting kit if you choose to use it.  This is a simple setup and the camera mounts with 2 screws that gives you free range of motion. We chose to use it without the mounting kit (for now). Remember to toggle your camera if you mount the camera upside down (done through settings) or you’ll be stuck with an upside down fee.

[heading style=”1″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]What we WISH it had[/heading]

These items are not a deal-breaker by any means, but we do wish it had the following:

  • Temperature monitoring: If it includes this feature, we weren’t able to locate it.
  • Built in battery backup: If you lose power, you lose the feed. And that’s when your animals tend to flip out.

In fairness, none of the cameras we’ve reviewed have had these features either – and at a retail price of $129.95, the Vimtag P1 camera is a bargain. We look forward to checking out the outdoor version of the Vimtag, which keeps the camera weatherproofed for outdoor use.

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