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Wags & Tags K9 Jewelry


Lets face it – sometimes we want our tags to be as individual as our pack. For the more discerning pack member, we bring you the new Wags & Tags – “Bowl Me Over” silver dog tag.

These elegant ID tags are available in sterling silver, gold and even diamond encrusted designs – each more sophisticated than the next. Laser engraving ensures your pet’s vital information is always legible and a specially designed, stainless steel, double split ring safeguards against any type of accidental loss so you never have to worry that your pet is without ID.

While we were only able to play with it for a few weeks, we had no problem with Cheiss losing track of his sterling silver tag. What’s more, there wasn’t a scratch on the tag – even after daily games of fetch, lots of yard digging, and plenty of naps.

You might think that these tags are far too elegant for your pup, but we can tell you that the superior craftsmanship safeguards against loss and turns any day into a glamorous day. Just like any well-made jewelry, Wags & Tags has designed these ID tags to withstand substantial stress as well as normal wear and tear, while maintaining their luxurious look.

There are six styles to choose from and each is as classy as the next. Your pets vital information is laser-engraved that guarantees easy reading and a clear message that you expect your pet returned to you should (s)he ever become lost.

Unlike aluminum or plastic tags that scratch and discolor, the Bowl Me Over tag is one that your pet will proudly wear year after year.


Prices begin at $199 and range to $559, but if you’re looking for a gift that both you and your pet will cherish, this is the one you want. This is a tag that will show the world that you and your pet approach life with sophistication, class and grace.

Wags & Tags hasn’t forgotten that while dogs are man’s best friends – diamonds are a girl’s best friend! They’ve recently made a matching pendant available for the human side of the partnership. Choose a design that matches your pet’s tags to find a pendant that purr…fectly illustrates you and your pet’s amazing bond.

The only problem we ran into was finding a collar that doesn’t detract from the tag! We ultimately settled on a sterling silver solid rope chain for photographic purposes, but of course this is not recommended for daily use. The pendant shows up just fine when attached to a regular collar. But, keep this in mind when you’re choosing your favorite design – it’s not an easy task when you’re dealing with a posh product like Wags & Tags!

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