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Calming Pets with the Happy Hoodie

Happy Hoodies

Happy HoodiesLet’s face it – dogs can be easily stressed out and loud noises, grooming, being around a lot of people are several factors that result in anxiety. The Happy Hoodie can help to calm your pet in these situations. Whether you’re clipping nails or grooming, calming your pets while company is in town, or preparing for a day on the road – the Happy Hoodie has proven to be effective in nearly every situation.

We found that it isn’t so much about blocking noise as it is about offering our pets a sense of security. After learning a long time ago that Cheiss calms down immediately when we gently place our hands over his ears, a product like this seemed to be exactly what we sought. And it really does work.

The Happy Hoodie is simple to use. To keep your pet calmer and protect the ears from loud noises, place the Happy Hoodie over the pet’s head and onto its neck. Gently push their ears against your their head and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure. The width can be adjusted by folding over excess material once the band is in place.

It’s really that simple! Still don’t believe it? Watch the first minute or so of this video to see how well it really works:

Long Ears: If you have a long-eared pet, you know that those floppy appendages fall into just about everything. Food, water, mud – whatever is on the ground is often what ends up on, or occasionally in, your pets ears. The Happy Hoodie has proven to be very effective with long-eared pets by offering a safe, gentle and secure way to keep those ears out of trouble. If you have a pet with chronic ear problems and itchy ears, this is a great way to protect the ears from scratches and additional problems – decreasing the need for additional medical care. Ask your vet the best way to use the Happy Hoodie during your pet’s recovery.

Groomers: Whether you’re using a hand blower or force drying – the experience can be a terrifying thing for pets! The Happy Hoodie helps not only to muffle sound, but to create a sense of security in animals. In addition, it keeps the high-pressured air from entering sensitive ears, saving you a lot of time, frustration and stress when working with timid animals.

Tracy Carmean and Toni Vernetti developed this product based on their 22 years of combined experience in the grooming industry. Ever on the search for ways to make the grooming experience a pleasant one, Carmean and Vernetti created this unique product to solve the problem.


Special Offer: For a limited time, Happy Hoodie is offering a special for anyone interested in creating a video of their pet. Submit a video of your greatest challenge, your favorite four-legged friend, or any pet that demonstrates the relief and calming effect Happy Hoodie has on them. They are looking for video with special emphasis on the “before” and “after” effect.

If they select your video, they will send you a complimentary package of Happy Hoodies, as well as listing you and your pet (as well as your business) in the video clip. Visit this page for more information.

Learn more about calming your pets:


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