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On the Cuff


If you spend your Thanksgiving holiday doing any type of cleaning, dish washing, dog washing; or simply trying to avoid ruining your nice clothes, we’ve got something special for you. On the Cuff was originally designed for giving animals a bath, and it works well for this if you have a dog that doesn’t mind a bath. But we found we like this product even more when we’re doing dishes, working around kids, cleaning dog and cat bowls, adding water to waterers, or any time we’re involved with water, a sink or liquid that makes a mess.

The sponges simply fit onto your wrist to absorb any dripping water from hitting your sleeve. It’s ease in quick cleanups is the reason it has become one of our favorites for the holiday gift list!

They are “one size fits all” and each pair comes in a reusable mesh bag to keep them clean and dry (and within easy reach!). There’s also a handy little rack that you can purchase if you’re looking for something slightly more fashionable.

At only $7.99 per pair, you can’t go wrong with this product as an addition to your kitchen and bath areas. They also make a very creative gift for anyone who deals with dogs, dishes or kids on a regular basis.

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