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Are you ready for some football?


Even if you’re not a football fan and would prefer to tune into the puppy bowl (check out puppy bowl coverage on Pet Age!), game day is a culture and it’s fun to get everyone involved (because there truly is something for everyone!).

Whip up some pet-friendly football foods that you can all share, tune in the puppy bowl, place your fantasy puppy bowl team bets, and get your own party started!

We hunted down some fun NFL-themed pet products so you can get your pets involved this year. It may be a little late to order them, but you can still enjoy the fun pics.

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Every pup is sure to love these Broncos jerseys! If you’re a Seahawks fan, you can find them here as well!

Don’t worry, Seahawks – we’ve got some for you too!

If you’re dogs aren’t really into the whole jersey thing, you may want to pick up one of these official NFL collars instead – you can even add a bandana!

They even have cat collars with a football theme , so don’t forget your feline friends!

If you love pets as much as football, why not serve up your snacks in these fun pet bowls? Or at least, your football themed pet snacks

Make sure your pets have a great place to get out of the way (preferably where it’s nice and quiet). While they probably love game day as much as you, their tolerance level for noise and lots of activity is much less than ours.

No matter what you’re watching, or who you’re watching with, we hope that your pets will be a part of the action. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your pets are outfitted with the best in safety equipment and sports-themed pet wear!


If you’re worried about your pets getting underfoot, then consider picking up an NFL-themed bed. They are perfect for keeping the game day active, without worrying about tripping over your pets. If you’re dogs tend to get underfoot, consider crating them with a fun Seahawks or Broncos Pillow!

And of course everyone needs a fun team-favorite leash, which will keep everyone in check. Whatever your plans are this game day, be sure your guests are aware of your pets and keep a close eye on the doors and windows. People who don’t have pets may not be aware of the rules (like closing the window or door, or keeping gates closed and locked). Whoever you’re rooting for, we hope you’ll enjoy your game day!

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