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The Advantages of Spiked Collars


Much like pit bulls (and Rotties and  Shepherds and Dobies), spike collars have gotten a bad rap over the years.  There is a lot more to this collar than meets the eye and like the “hoodie” – it’s important not to judge on first impressions.

We happen to love spike collars. Not only do they serve a purpose, they look good on nearly every type of dog.  But, what is their biggest benefit?

They protect the neck.

If you live in an area where coyotes are abundant, you will appreciate this fact (and you may also want to read this article: Keeping Pets Safe from Coyotes). If you have a small dog, you should appreciate this fact. If you have a dog that goes to dog parks, you should appreciate this fact.

Nearly all dog attacks focus on the throat. That’s why they have that saying, “He’s going for the throat” or “he’ll tear out the jugular”. Those sayings exist because the throat is a dog’s most vulnerable area.

We don’t all have to worry about coyotes and we hope that dog-fighting will soon be a tragic thing of the past that we can look back on as civilized adults and say, “How did any human partake in such a barbaric event?”

But, until that time, if you are looking to expand your dog’s wardrobe, you may want to look at the spiked collar as a fashion accessory.

One of the groups we love is LazyBonezz and their very eclectic collection of spiked collars (as well as some other fashionable collars, furniture and more). Made from faux leather, these collars make great gifts and they also make a unique fashion statement.

Prices begin at $29.99 and they are available in a variety of sizes and colors. See all of the other things they have there as well!

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