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Collars with a Higher Purpose


This month, we have been discussing collars – history of collars, the different functions of collars, and even how you can keep your pets safe from coyotes and other predators with collars. As you can see, there are literally hundreds of thousands of collars to choose from. While historically, collars have been designed for function rather than style, these days they are more of a fashion statement and a way to differentiate your dog – showing off their unique personality (and yours). This week, we are looking at collars with a purpose, including social movements to support rescue dogs (such as Project Blue Collar and Karma Collars), collars made from recycled materials (such as Cycle Dog) and collars that keep your pet safe (such as Dog-E-Collar).

Project Blue Collar

We love the story behind Project Blue Collar! This company is focused on rescue dogs and as such, their product line is committed to this idea.  The concept is similar to the concept behind the Livestrong foundation where you show your support for a subject by buying and wearing a bracelet reflects that ideal. In this case, the focus is on celebrating and supporting the rescue dog. It’s a public badge of courage, a way to support the underdog, a demonstration that you care about saving an animal’s life through rehabilitation and adoption. Each collar is only $10 and for each collar bought, a second collar is donated to the rescue of your choice so that they can further the message of adoption and so you can help them support their heroic efforts.  Purchase one from Blue Collar or your favorite animal rescue today and join the movement Facebook or at projectbluecollar.com

Cycle Dog Collars

Cycle Dog has a unique line of collars includes a patent-pending buckle that is simple to release and easy to close. The entire line is made in colorful, eye-catching colors that are fashioned completely from recycled bike inner tubes. The result is a quick drying collar that never frays, is very comfortable, and never retains odor as they have a special coating that is naturally bacteria-resistant. Each collar features their Pup-Top Bottle Opener (a very handy feature if you ever camp or sit out on the patio with your pup!) and their latch-lock buckle (which we love as a quick release in emergencies). There is also an accessory clip where you can attach the ever-important tags. I highly recommend this for any animal that loves water, the great outdoors or who, like mine, are super destructive with collars. We’ve had ours for a month now and there is not a single sign of wear, despite the pups pulling each other around the yard by the neck.

ZanyZak Collars

We really love the looks of these gorgeous beaded collars. Not only are they made and designed locally in our Arizona, they donate a portion of their proceeds to assist the Embera Tribes children’s education fund. It’s more than a portion – it’s FIFTY PERCENT of their proceeds! They also donate to help raise breast cancer awareness throught their “Pretty in Pink” collection, which offers 25% of their proceeds to help breast cancer awareness and research. These collars are so beautiful that they have been seen at the Academy Awards and the Emmys – you can’t beat that! When you order a custom collar, be sure you follow the directions to obtain the correct size for your pets as they are all handmade.

Karma Collars

Karma Collars offer gorgeous leather collars are handmade in California utilizing local resources. They are more than collars – the company designing them are avid animal rescuers beginning years ago with a local pit bull rescue group and continuing with other species. They started making leashes and collars out of necessity. As part of their local pit bull owner support and activity group, they offered “gear workshops” to help people understand the training tools and options available to them. They saw an immediate need for high-quality leather gear for big dogs. Using domestically produced leather helps keep money in the community and handmade every leash and collar provides local jobs.

Ruff Again Collars

We really love the line of collars from Ruff Again, not only for the awesome way they look (representing our love of the great outdoors), but also because they use recycled stuff (such as recycled seatbelts, bike tires, and more) to create some amazing products.  It’s all designed and made in the USA, surpassing environmental standards and upholding social standards.

Dog-E-Glow Collars

Designed for evening walks and easily identifying pets when you let them out late at night, we find these collars not only interesting, but of high quality. All of the Dog-E-Glow collars and leashes are safe and are made of high quality nylon sewn around several highly-efficient (100,000 hour) LED bulbs. With collars and leashes illuminating in their entire length, they can be seen up to 1,000 feet away providing the ultimate safety on night time walks. The lights are only visible when turned on, either in a steady glow or flashing mode, and contain batteries that are easily replaceable after 150 hours of LED use.

All of the Dog-E-Glow collars and leashes are lightweight, highly durable and fully weather-resistant. They come in medium and large collar sizes (but we learned it’s best to order the larger size if you’re in doubt), and all leashes are six feet in length. There are 16 stylish illuminated designs available for purchase in the Fashion Collection, and 50 of the top NCAA Division I Universities licensed logo designs available in matching LED collars and leashes in the Collegiate Collection that allows college fans and their pets to “flash their pride”.

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