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The weather has warmed up all across the nation and kids are getting out of school.  The wistful dreams of summer vacation that brewed all winter long are finally close to becoming reality.  You might have even started packing by now!

Dog on rampAs PetsWeekly launches a set of travel articles filled with tips and advice on traveling with your pets this summer, we want to make sure you have all of your bases covered.  In this article, we’ll talk about two items that are easily overlooked, but can save your back and your pets hips.

1.  Use ramps to avoid injury. Your larger breed dog may not have any trouble getting in and out of your vehicle, but repeated jumps, especially from large trucks and SUVs, increase the risk of breaks, fractures, and sprains.  Also, if your dog suffers from arthritis, using a ramp means they won’t have to stay home with the sitter while you go out on your summer excursions.  Be sure to check the weight limit and the surface of any ramp before buying.  As with any other product you buy, be sure to do your research.


One stand out we’ve found is the Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp from Solvit.  While we’ve seen our share of poorly constructed ramps, this ramp stands out as reliable, strong, lightweight and space-saving. It more than makes the grade as far as our pack is concerned.  Constructed of aluminum and plastic, it holds up to 400 lbs., but only weighs 13 lbs., making it easy to carry and maneuver.

Because it’s a telescoping ramp, you can extend it as little or as much as you need to (extension range is 39” to 72”) depending on the angle you are attempting to achieve.  The non-slip surface sealed the deal for us, and we couldn’t find another ramp that we could recommend more highly than this one.

Read more about the SolvIt Deluxe Telescoping Ramp here.

Deluxe Pet Stairs2.  Use ramps at home to ease back strain. While small and medium-sized pets love to sleep with their owners, it’s often difficult for them to reach the top level without pet parent assistance (PPA).  This is where pet steps fit in. This little piece of home will not only provide your dogs with the same easy access to furniture as they have at their house, but its familiarity will also bring comfort them when away from home.


If you use any sort of pet steps to make it easier for your small to medium-sized dogs to get up onto the couch, chairs, or bed, you should consider bringing them with you on your travels.  This little piece of home will not only provide your dogs with the same easy access to furniture as they have at their house, but its familiarity will also bring comfort them when away from home.

We choose SolvIt pet Wood Stairs that match our large pine bed.  If needed, these stairs can be folded flat for convenient storage or transport.  Safety side rails are built into the design so your pet can climb up and down with confidence.  No assembly is required.

If your current steps are too bulky for travel, or you haven’t purchased any yet, then we recommend the PupSTEP steps, also from Solvit.

You can choose from their PupSTEP Wood stairs (which come in large and extra large sizes, 11 and 16 lbs. respectively) and the more lightweight PupSTEP+PLUS steps, which are made of a sturdy molded plastic and weigh in at just 5 lbs.  Both fold down, making them easier to travel with.  Out of the two, the plastic PupSTEP+PLUS steps would be our recommendation for carting around in your vehicle because of their lighter weight and easy-to-clean surface.  They also have non-slip pads on the steps as well as non-skid feet.

Be sure to check out all of the details on the Solvit website to make sure you get the right steps for your dog, as the weight and size limits that each can handle vary between the styles.

With so much to plan and prepare for when you travel, it’s our goal to give you all the information and reminders you need to make your trip with your pets a success.  Keep an eye out for more to come, and please check out our Facebook page and share your favorite travel tips with others.

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