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2016 Dog Lovers Holiday Gift Guide


[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Gifts for Dogs Who Love to Play[/heading] 

GoDog Indestructibles

The brand new goDog Indestructibles were just released in time for the holidays. This line of toys feature a new material called PopFoam which is child-safe, pet-safe, nontoxic and almost completely indestructible. Quaker Pet uses this material to make soccer balls for kids in third world countries, which is not only a cool thing to do, but since the foam is made with environmentally-sensitive manufacturing processes, it helps our environment.

There are dozens of new sizes and shapes available, but our favorites are the Rhino Play Vexo Toy and the Stick. You’ll really love that this line of toys is so new that no one really has them yet, so your gifts are sure to be the favorite! 

  • Self-inflating design never goes Flat – even when punctured!
  • Super-durable ball made of non-toxic PopFoam
  • Each purchase supports charities that promote the human-animal bond
  • Foam made with environmentally-sensitive manufacturing processes

Rhino Play Vexo Toy, $10.99   

goDog Rhino  Play Beast Toy, $14.89 

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/godog-rhino-ball.jpg,images/2016-holiday/gofog-rhino-play-stick.jpg,images/2016-holiday/godog-rhino-ball2.jpg” order_by=”asc”] 



PetSafe Slap Happy Toys: $7.99+

You really can’t go wrong with the Slap Happy Pogo Plush line of faux sheepskin toys from PetSafe some of the best, most durable plush toys out there. No seams makes it almost impossible to destroy these pets and the extendable arms make it easy to “shake and kill” while the internal rubber cage provides a unique “bounce-back” feeling that also keeps the squeaker rolling around (which makes it harder to destroy). This is a fun, plush toy that your heavy chewers will love!

[Read our review on Premier Pogo Plush Toys] [photo_gallery style=”4″ source=”media: images/dogreviewproducts/toys/plush-slap-happy-petsafe2.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/toys/plush-slap-happy-petsafe3.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/toys/plush-slap-happy-petsafe3.jpg,images/dogreviewproducts/toys/plush-slap-happy-petsafe.jpg”] [load_module id=”582″]


Embark Vet

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