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Wooly Snuffle Mat Slows Down Dog’s Eating


If you have a pet that wolfs his food down, there is a new solution for you. The Wooly 5 Feeding Mat makes your dog work a little harder for their kibble and it’s one of the best ways to slow down your pet’s eating – without a lot of effort. 

Just sprinkle your dog’s food or treats onto the long, thick fibers and it magically drops into the base of the mat. Your pets’ natural foraging instincts kick in and they will snuffle through the mat as they sniff out the food. 

The Wooly Snuffle Mat from Paw5 has been a revolution in our home, despite our using the mat a little differently.

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We use it primarily for treats, since we feed The Honest Kitchen which is a high end dehydrated food. As this food needs to be rehydrated, so it doesn’t work as well with the Wooly, but treats sure do! When we have visitors, we can keep them occupied by redirecting their attention to the mat. 

We’ve also discovered it’s an excellent way to hide food from one of our cats who eats much faster than the others. This slows him down, is much better for his digestion, and makes for a marvelous distraction as our slower eaters enjoy their meals. 

Best of all, it’s made from upcycled materials and is machine-washable.

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Since every Wooly Snuffle Mat is proudly made by hand in rural Thailand at a progressive woman-owned and operated business, you know you’re supporting a worthy organization who gives back. These women take the wasteful off-cuts of the textile industry in Thailand, thoroughly rinse and clean them, and then hand-sew them into Wooly Feeding Mats. 

The fibers are very strong and after using it for a month, our dogs have yet to pull even one fiber off. They are absolutely content to just snuffle through the strands seeking out food. See for yourself how well it works: 

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/Ia54flF6JI4″]

Feeding  is a big part of this process because most animals lives focus on getting food. Either they hunt it (like cats) or scavenge it (like dogs). We have disrupted these key instincts by domesticating them and putting them on a strict feeding schedule. Their is nothing wrong with that – our pet’s quality of life has improved tremendously and I’m sure they are happy to tell you that themselves! But we need to make sure they have the opportunity to engage their instincts or we’re bound to experience some behavior issues. The Wooly Snuffle Mat is an ideal way to start that process. 

We think you’re going to love this for your dogs and cats as much as we do!


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