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2016 Dog Lovers Holiday Gift Guide


[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Gifts for People Who Love Walking Dogs[/heading] 

DOOG USA Good Dog Treat Pouch: $29.99

Doog has some of the most fun, inspired dog treat pouch designs we’ve seen this year. Anyone who uses positive reinforcement for their training (and we hope you all do) or goes for walks each morning will love these adorable pouches and packs. Perfect for the dog walker or trainer in your life. 

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/doog-walkie-pack3.jpg,images/2016-holiday/doog-walkie-pack4.jpg” order_by=”asc”]

DOOG USA Walkie Bag: $39.99

The DOOG Walkie Bag is preloaded with 20 scented DOOG pick up bags and a waterproof sleeve on the inside helps protect your cell phone against moisture. The mesh pouch at the side is large enough to hold a water bottle/tennis ball – the best part? It’s big enough to carry your wallet AND your dog’s toys. 

Doog is about design as well as comfort – which is why the shoulder strap is perfect for long walks. The design features a stylish cotton striped inner lining. These are stylish, adorable and very functional items that every animal lover will love. 

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/doog-walkie-pack.jpg,images/2016-holiday/doog-walkie-pack2.jpg” order_by=”asc”]


Mendota Leashes – $20.00 +

We just recently found Mendota’s rope leashes and they have become one of our favorites. There are several styles to choose from, but we’ve found that the traditional rope leash is the best option for our large, very strong dogs.

The rope is very soft (making it easy on our hands) and feature a brass trigger snap for attaching to the collar. The rope itself is made from a durable, multi-filament poylpropylene and each measures 1/2″x4′. They do, of course, have dozens of colors and a variety of styles for all types of dogs. 

  • Comfortable for Your Pet
  • Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene
  • Soft and durable roping lead allows for hands-free use
  • Provides a leash and collar in one with a brass trigger snap on one end
  • Great for teaching the “Steady” command
  • Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene
[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/mendota-leash.jpg,images/2016-holiday/mendota-slip-lead.jpg,images/2016-holiday/british-slip-lead.jpg” order_by=”asc”]

Blueberry Pet Holiday Collar: $12.99+

Choose from a wide variety of Holiday Seasonal Dog Collars with Detachable Bow Ties from Blueberry Pet Collar. Keep in mind, these are for those evening parties or fun events or a time when you need the perfect holiday photo.

These are fun collars but likely not strong enough for your large dog to wear all the time. However, they’re the perfect way to show off your holiday spirit! 

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/blueberry-pet-collar-xmas.jpg,images/2016-holiday/blueberry-pet-collar-2.jpg,images/2016-holiday/blueberry-3.jpg,images/2016-holiday/blueberry4.jpg” order_by=”asc”]

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