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National Dog Fighting Awareness Day


April 8 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day and we can’t think of a better way to spend a day than talking about this important topic.

Dog fighting occurs in every corner of the world and has a long and sordid history – you know what they say about history. If you don’t learn from it, you’re bound to repeat it.

This year, we are participating in a Google+ hangout that will be moderated by Dan Harris from ABC News – we hope you will show your support for stopping the horrific practice of dog fighting by joining in the discussion.

The Hangout will discuss the issue of #dogfighting , the +ASPCA’s efforts to tackle this brutal crime and what people can do to help. We are also giving away a kit that will help you make a public statement against fighting. Read on!

ASPCA experts include:

  • Tim Rickey – VP, ASPCA Field Investigations & Response
  • Dr. Pam Reid – VP, ASPCA Anti-Cruelty Behavior
  • Dr. Randall Lockwood – SVP, ASPCA Forensic Sciences & Anti-Cruelty Projects
  • Jessica Johnson – Sr. Mgr., ASPCA Grassroots Advocacy

How to Participate

  • You can simply go to the google hangout and lurk.
  • You can submit questions via twitter, facebook, or G+ by writing a post and tagging it with #NDFAD.
  • There will be a Q&A session to answer your questions, which you can submit via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with #NDFAD .

As part of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day, the ASPCA will feature an interactive information and advocacy center on ASPCA.org that includes:

  • The premiere of a never-before-seen short documentary, including undercover footage of dog fights, ASPCA rescue activity at dog fighting raids and expert insight
  • An interactive quiz that debunks common misconceptions about dog fighting and the dogs and people involved in this so-called sport
  • A “virtual museum” photo gallery of dog fighting and training paraphernalia, including dog treadmills, fighting pits and narcotics used to increase aggression before a fight
  • Profiles of dog fighting victims rescued by the ASPCA — most recently from the second-largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history

The goal of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is to elevate the perception of dog fighting from an isolated criminal act to a deep and persistent stain on our national character.

The more we can bring awareness to the public about these cruel animal practices, the more of a chance we have to fight it. Not everyone is aware of the horrific nature of dog fighting and the prevalence of this crime in the U.S.

In celebration of this event, we’re giving away a special anti-dog fighting kit. Fill out this form to enter.

Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA, was repulsed by the brutality of the dog fighting he saw in New York and revised the state’s animal cruelty law in 1867 to make all forms of animal fighting—bull, bear, dog and cockfighting—illegal for the first time. Today, the ASPCA continues to tackle the illegal underground world of dog fighting rings through investigations, law enforcement training, legislation, advocacy and rehabilitation of #dogs seized during dog fighting raids.

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