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Traditional ID Tags for Every Pet


This week, we were able to look at some “traditional” tags that are truly unconventional. Every animal needs an ID tag on their collar. It doesn’t matter if they are microchipped or wearing a GPS tracker. If your dog escapes the yard or anything happens to you, people need to know that how to return your pet and whether or not it’s had its rabies vaccination. That’s a fact. If you don’t have an ID tag on your pet, you need to invest in one of these right away.

We had the opportunity to look at a few different styles from WagTags and we are so very impressed with the quality that we had to pass the info along.

Most pet ID tags are made from soft aluminum or engraved plastic, and the lettering wears off in just a few months. Wag Tags are deeply engraved on durable, thick stainless steel. They also don’t hang off the collar and rub against other tags. These two factors help make Wag Tags so durable that they guarantee their tags will remain legible for the life of the pet. They are also lightweight, easy for pets to wear, and very beautiful.

[note icon=”yes”]We were provided with a sample of this product for review. However, our opinions are our own.[/note]

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Size Matters[/heading]

There is plenty of room for messaging (even on the cat ID tags), and you can order special tags that sit flush against your pets collar so you don’t have to listen to that annoying jingle every time your pet moves. Depending on the tag size, Wag Tags give you room for up to 99 characters on five lines of text. That’s plenty of room for phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Twitter handles and much more. All this information gives the person who finds your pet all kinds of ways to contact you quickly.

The owner of WagTags.ca, Roger Dunkley, operates the company on a unique business model he likes to refer to as “compassionate capitalism”. All of his tags come in a variety of styles and are guaranteed for the life of the pet. But more than that, he uses the site to raise funds for pet rescues and humane societies across Canada by creating a generous donation matching system. Currently, he partners with 11 pet rescues and 5 humane societies across Canada and he’s always looking to add more to his list. 

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Can we order from the US or do we have to be Canadian?[/heading]

Don’t let the Canada address of the company fool you. Shipping is free to the US! We had no problems ordering our tags for Briana and Kyra. The labeling process was pretty simple (the number of characters are dependent on the size of the collar you’re buying an ID tag for).

[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Rescue Work[/heading]

One thing we love about this company is their commitment to animal rescue. Some of the “adoption challenged” animals who have been sitting in rescue for years are regularly featured on their site, and anyone who adopts one of these featured animals are given a free ID tag that the animal will go home with.

All orders processed through WagTags.ca help animals. Dunkley offers an Inspiration page where you can view some very inspiring pet rescue videos, and they offer a donation matching program where the buyer is offered the chance to donate $2/tag purchased to a rescue, which they will match with $1 for every $2 donated.

We really hope you’ll order one of these tags for your pet. We know that you’ll be as impressed as we are with the extensive selection of designs and the incredibly high quality of their ID tags.

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