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Baby Animal Names


Baby cats are called kittens
Baby bears are called cubs
Baby dogs are called puppies
A pigeon’s a squab!

A girl horse is a filly
A boy horse is a colt.
A possum’s a joey.
A chicken’s a poult!

A duck is a duckling
An ostrich, a chick
An owl is an owlet
A raccoon is a kit!

A penguin’s a fledgling
A reindeer’s a fawn
A turtle is a chicken
It makes no sense at all!

An ant is an antling
A goat is a kid
A bird is a nestling,
A muskrat, a kit!

A kangaroo’s Joey
A louse is a nit.
A toad is a tadpole,
And a mink is a kit!

An eagle’s an eaglet.
An eel is a fry.
A fly is a maggot.
And a fish is a fry!

A duck is a duck,
Unless it’s a boy –
And then it’s a drone,
If it’s girl or a boy!


A mule is a hinny
A boy mule is Jack
A baby’s a foal
Or sometimes a stag

A mouse is a doe
A boy mouse is buck
And when it is young,
It is often called pup!

And what have we learned
From all these words today?
That if you’re a boy
Then a boy you will stay!

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