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What Type of Pet Taxpayer Are You?


What kind of taxpayer are you? The Complex Cat? The Reliable Dog? The Mousy Critter? The Slow Turtle? The Sly Reptile? Maybe you’re the Hard Working Workhorse. Read the descriptions and make your choice. Then figure out how best to spend your refund!

 Cat: The Complex Taypayer

You have so much to do and so little time to do it that you honestly can’t be bothered with filing taxes right now. Between a fulltime job of irritating your fellow animal friends, naps, eating, updating your diary and running the household, you know that the tax preparation will just be too overwhelming. Go ahead, file the extension, but be sure you follow through with a very accurate 1099 that will maximize your refund…

You should spend your refund on:

Dog: The Reliable Taxpayer

Your stout, hardworking personality is about to pay off with a big refund. After a long year of hard work serving your master, you’re happy to plan your next vacation at the ranch. As a proud citizen of this great country, you have no problem paying your dues. Go ahead and make that donation to the animal rescue organization – you’re proud to support the US of A! Remember to take time for yourself after filing – there are balls to chase, naps to take and holes to dig.

You should spend your refund on:









Critter: The Mousy Taxpayer

It’s not that you don’t want to file – you’re really just too scared to file. What if you did something wrong? What if you transposed a number? What happens if they decide to audit you? While many of us fear filing, the dread is often short-lived. Take the plunge – procrastinating and worrying will just make it worse…

You should spend your refund on:


Turtle: The Slow Taxpayer

Slow and steady wins the race. Why rush into things like filing? You may get something, you may not. Either way, you have extensions available and you plan on using them… Come April 19, you’ll get the extensions signed and in the mail…

You should spend your refund on:

Bird: The Flighty Taypayer

The second your 1099 shows up, you’re online filing your return! January? No problem. The goal is to get it done…

You should spend your refund on:

Reptile: The Sly Taypayer

If there’s a way to write off the volcano in your underground lair, you’ll find it. Finding the best write-offs is the only exciting part of tax returns. After you’ve come out of hibernation in April, you’re ready to roll. Grab a quick bite to eat, ask Cat to file an extension for you and spend some time studying tax law.

You should spend your refund on:

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