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10 Pet Related Tax Write-Offs You Should Know About


Every year, I ask my CPA if there is a way to write off my pets. Every year, he laughs at me. It makes me feel like Scarlet from Gone with the Wind…

“But, sir,” I plead. “I am the only form of support for these animals! I feed them, provide shelter, give them training, pay for doggie daycare, make sure they are clothed; why, I even cover their medical expenses!”

Like Scarlet’s father, my CPA stares at me with his piercing blue eyes. “Now, Ms. Stacy, it’s just that the IRS don’t see animals that way. To them, those animals are just plain ol’ property – the same as that tree over yonder.”

“Do you mean to tell me that these creatures mean nothing to those awful tax people? That land and money is the only thing worth fightin’ for? Worth dyin’ for?”

“Why, land and money is the only thing that lasts, Ms. Stacy,” says my CPA. “Now, you go on home and let the menfolk take care of this. Taxes just ain’t fit for a lady as gentle as you  to be fussin’ over.”

He shoos me from his office and exiting the building, I fall to my knees and raise my fist into the air, “As God is my witness, I will find a way to deduct my pets! And when it’s all over, they’ll never audit me, nor any of my readers, ever again!” 

[camera moves across sweeping sunset, fade to black and…cut!] [note style=”5″ type=”warning” icon=”yes”]Note: I am NOT a CPA, nor am I particularly good with money or taxes. I’m a writer. Be sure that you check with your CPA or accountant (or even a stranger on the street) before trying to take any of these deductions – doing so just makes good business sense. [/note]

Okay – of course none of that really happened. My CPA is as committed as I am to lower our already insanely high tax rate. But, since I’m a writer, I took the lead on research… Turns out, there are plenty of ways to write off your pets. (Or at least, decrease the costs associated with them).

[box title=”A proposed income tax deduction must meet 3 tests:” box_color=”#006666″ radius=”13″]
  • Is it documented?
  • Is it business related?
  • Is it reasonable?

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