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Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline’s Tale


It’s a book with a title as big as the main character – Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline’s Tale or, How I Learned About Life and Love from a Blind Wonder Cat

Homer has very little going for him. He’s blind because he had to have his eyes surgically removed when he was just a tiny kitten, he’s black (statistically black cats are more difficult to adopt out and have a higher chance of being abused when they do find a home), and on top of that – he’s homeless. But his luck is about to change when a young woman finds him at her veterinarian’s office and agrees to take him into her home and her heart.

Homer’s Odyssey is also the story of Gwen Cooper, a woman who needed everything except a blind cat. In college, struggling to make ends meet, and fresh out of a difficult relationship, she had no idea how much this little kitty would change her life.

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Cooper, the author and owner (as much as a cat can be owned) of this blind wonder cat, has purr-fectly portrayed the way her life changed (for the better) with this special-needs feline.

Now, while I love animals, I don’t usually read animal-based literature. Really. I don’t. But, I have to tell you, I was smitten from page one. With lines that are descriptive, heartfelt, and sincere – there is everything to love about Homer, his journey, and the way the author presents it. Who couldn’t love lyrical lines such as these?

“Homer frequently fell asleep right in the middle of whatever he was dong, as kittens are wont to do, one paw clutching a pilfered scrap of paper, or wrapped around his food bowl, like the lesser characters in Sleeping Beauty who, enchanted along with her, slumbered in the act of threading a needle or salting their soup.”

Cooper not only has a wonderful way with words, but a beautiful, blind, black cat named Homer who ha

s taken the author on her own odyssey and shown her the way to a life filled with love and adventure.


It’s like Marley and Me for cat lovers. Only like cats, this is a deeper look into a life made whole by a tiny blind kitten who didn’t stand a chance, but went on to conquer the world. And best of all – it has a very happy ending!

And on a side note – Bravo! Someone finally has a title longer than my own book!

Buy your copy of Homer’s Odyssey today. It’s even available in paperback now – and I can promise you won’t regret the purchase!

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