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Neuter Your Ex (sort of) on Valentine’s Day!

Neuter Your Ex this valentines Day

Dump the drama and don’t worry about the roses. Life’s too short to stress out about that ex. This year, you can neuter your ex (sort of) on Valentine’s Day! Homeward Bound, a New Jersey animal shelter, can turn that frown upside down and you can feel happier knowing you’ve helped a feral cat!

That’s right, folks! For just $50 (or more, if you’re feeling particularly vengeful), you can name a feisty, unattached feline after your ex and Homeward Bound will neuter them just for you. Because, it’s probably the only way you can fix what’s broken with your ex.

“Some things shouldn’t breed,” the shelter joked in an Instagram post advertising the promotion. We have a feeling you can relate if you’ve recently retired a relationship…

Imagine your ex’s surprise when they receive a notification that “Jacob McHeartbreaker” or “Robbie McCheaterface” is now sporting a brand new snip, courtesy of you!

But wait, there’s more! Not only will you get a good chuckle (and maybe a tiny shred of closure), but you’ll also be helping a very deserving kitty in the process. According to studies, less than 3% of feral cats in the US get neutered, leading to a whole lot of unwanted meows and a not-so-purrfect situation for feline kind.

By “neutering your ex,” you’ll be contributing to a positive change by helping to control feral cat populations. This, in turn, leads to improving the lives of countless kitties.

So, this Valentine’s Day, ditch the cliché and embrace the clawsome! Give your ex a “send-off” they won’t soon forget, while making a real difference for homeless cats. It’s the purrfect way to turn heartbreak into hilarity, all for a good cause!

P.S. Don’t worry, no actual exes are harmed in the making of this hilarious donation. But let’s be honest, they probably do deserve a good meow-taphorical neutering!

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