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Winter Caretaking of Feral Cats


We have long been supporters of feral cats and advocate the use of Trap, Neuter & Release (TNR) as a form of managing feral cat colonies. Caretakers who support these animals are a special breed as they are able to care for an animal that is unable to care back – as far as we’re concerned, that’s the truest type of love.

It makes us very happy when we can introduce new products designed specifically to keep feral cats safe and warm, while making the caretakers job a little bit easier. Today I want to show off a specialty feral cat house and a feral cat feeder that is available for purchase. While it is entirely possible to make a feral cat shelter and feeding platform, we know that many people would prefer to buy one ready-made and Feline Furniture is our “go to” group for these products.


Feral Cat Feeding Station : This station keeps food off the ground, offers shelter from rain and snow, and protects animals while they eat. The curved design allows for easy feeding and cleaning. On Sale Now for Only $58 thru Amazon.

Feral Cat House : This is a really great product that lasts forever. Made from plywood and heavy duty sheeting, it helps keep cats warm during cold temperatures. The unit is shipped with a layer of wheat straw for increased comfort and warmth, and is easily (and inexpensively) replaced throughout the winter and spring. The round shape keeps snow off the shelter and allows rain to wash down the sides. The double entry doors allows a quick escape for any frightened cat and eliminates the potential for them to be trapped inside. On sale at Amazon for only $99.

Outdoor Lounge and Mini Kitty Playland : If you have a protected location (or outdoor/backyard enclosure), this is a brilliant play area design for multiple cats. The cats use the wood as a scratch post, and the large mats allow for easy cleaning and replacement. We’ve seen up to fourteen cats lounging on one of these units! This is a more expensive unit at $499, but it will last forever and is an amazing addition to any colony or outdoor enclosure.


We want to wish a special holiday greeting to everyone who is out there taking care of feral colonies and participating in TNR programs. It takes a very special person to help these beautiful animals and we want to say thank you!

For information on how to make your own feral cat shelters, visit the Urban Cat League, Neighborhood Cats, or Alley Cat Allies.

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