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Winter Caretaking of Feral Cats


We have long been supporters of feral cats and advocate the use of Trap, Neuter & Release (TNR) as a form of managing feral cat colonies. Caretakers who support these animals are a special breed as they are able to care for an animal that is often not willing to express their appreciation – at least not in “people” terms.

That’s why it makes us happy when we can introduce new products designed specifically to keep feral cats safe and warm, while making the caretakers job a little bit easier.

Today I want to show off a few specialty feral cat houses and feeders that are available for purchase. While it is entirely possible to make a feral cat shelter and feeding platform at home (if you’re handy with carpentry tools), we know that many people just prefer to buy one ready-made.

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Feral Cat Houses

Looking for a large, but unobtrusive place for that feral cat that likes to visit? These are just a few of many well-designed shelters available…

KittyTube: The Outdoor Insulated Cat House
LovuPet also this 2-story weatherproof wooden shelter home.
Albany Feral Cat House from New Age Pet

The Albany feral cat house from NewAge Pet is made of ecoFLEX, which is a short way of saying that it will never fade, warp, splinter, crack, rot or be infested with bugs. The double entry points provide a handy escape route for cats should they be required to make a fast escape.

Feeding Stations

These stations keep food off the ground, offer shelter from rain and snow, and give feral cats plenty of room to run away should the need arise.

While the station below is technically a dog house, it may also double as a feeding station for feral cats.

PetMate makes this weather-resistant log cabin-style shelter.
Feeding Station Feral Cats
The JMX Brands Covered Bird Feeder can also be a good cat food station.

DIY Feeding Stations

Just want to do it yourself? There are many creative and simple ways to design your feeding station and feral cat shelter. This is just one of many you’ll find online:

We want to wish a special holiday greeting to everyone who is out there taking care of feral colonies and participating in TNR programs. It takes a very special person to help these beautiful animals and we want to say thank you!

For information on how to make your own feral cat shelters, visit the Urban Cat League, Neighborhood Cats, or Alley Cat Allies.

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