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Stylish Winter Fashion for Pets


It’s winter time, which means it’s cold. Why, here in Arizona – it may even drop as low as forty degrees! (Yes, I am being sarcastic.) But the sad truth of the matter is our 65-pound pampered pups, who spend most all of their day in our company and therefore have very little exposure to the outdoors, have to wear a coat in winter.

I admit this is not my proudest moment. While I think it’s super cute that small dogs get the honor of being warm (and looking adorable), I don’t personally like dressing big dogs up, and my coyote would have laughed me out of the room had I tried to make him wear a jacket. But the fact is that our spoiled, thin-coated dogs, Brock and Bree, need to wear a warm jacket when the temp drops below fifty degrees.

So, we got them coats. We have some extra large ones because they are extra large dogs (and very destructive). But, as we searched for something a little more stylish (they are trendsetters, you know), we ran across a group called Bark Baby Bark. They have some of the cutest fashions we’ve seen – many of them crocheted doggy wear – and all of them high-end dog apparel.


They sent us a couple of pieces for us to look at in person, including an adorable parka and a New York City t-shirt that is all the rage right now. While our dogs were far too big for these items (and stay tuned because we’re passing them along to you), we had to tell you how adorable they are.

We did manage to get Cassie to model the T-shirt, which I think you’ll agree looks absolutely amazing on her.
The truth is, you have to view these products yourself. Bark Baby Bark has a unique line of clothing that is perfect for small breed dogs. If your pet is larger than 50 lbs, they won’t fit, but for our Yorkie and Pug followers – well, you’ll be hard pressed to find cuter doggy wear than the ones here.

To stay in the holiday spirit, we’re passing along the items that we received for review to those who need them. To enter, just leave a comment below telling us:

  • Which item you want
  • Why your dog (or cat) needs it
  • Where you’re located (we’re giving preferential treatment to colder climates)

We’ll choose 4 winners from all who answer these questions. You have … until Dec. 21 (that’s this Friday). This giveaway will be part of our “end of the world” day!  What we have is:


Rockin’ NYC T-Shirt: This line of products is the big fad right now. Super soft cotton-blend fabric with tailored polo-style fit. Functional snap buttons for comfort and easy on/off. Leash hole on back for comfortable outdoor use. We have a small available.


Luxe Handbag Sweater: How cute is this sweater and purse set? It’s 100% handmade with a mix of fine Peruvian wool. The handbag is fully functional and finished with a dazzling German crystal button. Adorable! We have a medium.


The Best Parka: This is a sleeveless sports parka featuring a water resistant outer fabric and warm fleece lining inside. Velcro strap and removable hood makes it perfect for winter walks – and oh, how we wish it fit Brock!


London Lady Coat: This also comes in a red colorway! It’s 100% handmade and designed in the USA and utterly adorable. It ALMOST fits Bree, but she’s too big in the belly. I think a larger dog with a smaller belly would be able to pull this off! I really wish this fit Bree – she would look utterly fabulous AND she would stay warm! 

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