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Cat Stories

Things I’ve Learned From My Cat

  • A cat can throw up twice its body weight in hairballs.
    • When given the choice between a tile floor or an oriental rug, the cat will always choose the rug to be sick on.
  • The saliva of a cat contains a bone-dissolving agent that is used to digest the bones of fish and small birds.
    • The saliva also works on human bones.
    • You will probably get bitten when giving a cat antibiotics or sub-cu fluids.
  • Cats hate to go to the vet’s office.
    • Warning signs will be placed above your cat’s cage at the vet’s office if he is an escape artist or biter.
    • Most veterinarian’s keep a stock of antibiotics on hand (for the owners of their patients).
    • Cats hate antibiotics
  • A cat can fit through anything the length of its whiskers.
    • A cat will not fit into a normal carrier if it’s stressed.
  • Hockey safety equipment is perfectly acceptable (and recommended) when handling feral cats.
  • Catnip only affects sane cats. 
    • Catnip has no effect on my cats.
  • A king-sized waterbed holds enough water to cover an 800 square foot room in two inches of water.
    • It takes 24 puncture marks to rupture a waterbed.
    • A cat that has its dewclaws has a total of 24 claws.
  • Cats appreciate looking at expensive cat toys.
    • Cats would prefer to play in the box th expensive toys were delivered in.

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