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Things I’ve Learned from My Dogs (Seriously)


We all learn from our pets. Sometimes the lessons are good, other times, they aren’t so good. These are a few things we’ve learned from our dogs that we can apply to real life. Share your lessons in the comments!

    • A large Kong toy will exert enough energy to shatter a glass tabletop when dropped.
      • Kong toys are generally dropped on glass tabletops in the early morning or late evening.
    • A large-breed dog that barks can be heard a distance of two city blocks at 2 am.
    • A small-breed dog that barks can be heard a distance of four city blocks at any time during the day.
    • Australian Shepherds are obsessive-compulsive and will herd everything from cats to small children.
    • A Beagle will eat anything, which is why it’s important not to put your hand in its mouth. It probably won’t try to eat it, but you don’t know what was in there before you.
    • A coyote mix cannot be taught new tricks.
      • Coyote mixes are self-taught on how to terrorize anything in the house
      • Coyote mixes will teach themselves tricks and you usually don’t want to see them.
    • A Beagle can vomit twice its own body weight.
      • A Beagle will almost always vomit indoors.
    • A green candle takes approximately three days to pass through a puppy’s digestive system.
    • It will take a green candle approximately five days to pass through an adult’s dog digestive system.

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