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Cat Behavior

Cat tips over water bowl


Dear Ghost,

My cat LiL L tips his water over befor he takes a drink, can you tell me why he does this?

Patty Marlin

Purrs, Patty!

As I’m sure you know, cats are VERY complex creatures! The commonly accepted theory on why cats “tip their water or food over” before they eat it is because they don’t like their whiskers touching the sides of the bowl. The “Cat Answer” is “..because they can…”

The best way for you to make them stop tipping the bowl over is to buy a larger bowl. You may also want to invest in a pet fountain (which we love) as the other reason cats occasionally do this is because it is their way of letting you know that the water you have provided is not quite “up to their standards” and needs to be cleaned or purified or refreshed or cooler, or all of the above. Cats like things their own way, and water and food are no different. My friend, Blackie, will only drink out of our mom’s cup and it has to have ice and purified water in it. So now she has set up two glasses of water – one to keep Blackie happy, and one that she can use.

At any rate, the pet fountain is nearly impossible to flip over, and we haven’t had any trouble since mom incorporated a pet fountain (five Drinkwell’s fountains) into our home. And with 17 other cats, you can bet that several of which who are divas (Blackie, Guinnevere, Isabo and Mama-San), you can bet we put that to the test! But, since we’ve had the Drinkwell’s in place, we don’t have any more tantrums from these four…

Hope that helps!





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