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Crinkle Dancer Cat Toy


Sometimes the simplest toys are the most fun. This week’s cat product falls into that category. Today we review the new Vee PURRfect Crinkle Bouncer Cat Toy .

This toy allows you to spend some quality time with your favorite feline and will most definitely keep their interest. Unlike other similar toys, the Crinkle Dancer is a high quality item that doesn’t break, won’t fall apart after only a few uses and is one of our cats’ favorite pet toys.

With 18 cats prowling our household, you can understand that we go through a lot of toys. As a result, our cats have become the ultimate “Product Testers” and if it can hold up to the abuse our pets put these toys through; you can be guaranteed of a winner. The Crinkle Dancer fits this category.

Winner of the extension to the Close-Up Dancer Cat Toy Series, the PURRfect™ Crinkle Dancer is an 18” colored wand with a 6” springy flex cable connecting an interesting array of naturally colored feathers and tear resistant plastic. The springy flex cable really brings this toy to life, animating the feathers to dance through the air while the plastic makes a rustling sound cats can never resist. This toy sports natural tinted feathers, crunchy tear-resistant plastic, and most importantly, a 6” springy flex cable with an 18” wand that guarantees your fingers will be far enough away from your cat’s teeth and claws to avoid injury!

Winner of the Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award ’08, the Crinkle Dancer has proven to be irresistible to cats and hours of entertainment for caretakers.

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