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Fling-Ama String Review


Let’s face it. If you can’t keep your cat occupied, your cat will keep you occupied – and not in a good way….They’ll destroy furniture, chase the dog, chase the other cats, bite you in the head while you sleep and throw up on your favorite rug.

During the busy holiday season, we see this a lot. It’s tough to keep everyone entertained while we’re struggling with a flailing economy and rapidly approaching holidays.


have the purrfect solution to conquering your kitty’s boredom. The Fling-Ama string.

As you can see from the video (below), this is an ideal solution to your holiday kitty blues. If you want to save a few ornaments on the tree from eminent crushing, this is the toy for you!

Fully automatic, it sends a piece of string around on a sort of belt. There’s no worry of a possible injury (at least, not that we’ve seen) because it moves slowly enough to fulfill their hunting/playing instincts, but quickly enough to satisfy their hunter instincts. And the best thing about this toy? Your cats can play with it even while you’re gone.

Want to see it in action? Check out this fun video! Fling-ama- has a long, very sturdy string that is securely sewn to a soft, flat elastic “conveyer belt” which constantly rotates, bringing the string out and then back in. Hang it on any standard door knob and the flinging motion will keep even the hardest to entertain cats coming back for more!

We can tell you that all of our cats loved this product!

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