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The Essential Two in One Pet Stroller


Before you decide you don’t have a need for a Pet Stroller , I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to read this review.  I didn’t think I had a need for one either, but it has become far more than a “cute” product for mini-dogs and normal-sized cats.

I wasn’t completely convinced that I needed a pet stroller, but I thought that I would give this one a try.  Turns out – I was wrong – I was in need of a pet stroller… It just needed to be a certain BRAND of pet stroller.  Why? Because it’s more than a stroller.  It’s a fashionable, airline-approved pet carrier as well.  It’s also a fun conversation-starter and something that the kids can use to bond with our outings during travels.

Now, if you have three large dogs, over 60 lbs each, as we do, you may not have a huge use for a pet carrier.  Anytime your dog can carry you around, it’s better to just let him.  But in our case, we also have cats – lots of cats, and my sister-in-law has a beautiful little Chihuahua named “Baby Girl”. Well, at least that’s what we call her. She’s a tiny, adorable, little princess that my cats would bully to death if given the chance.

So, after we tried out the stroller on the cog (aka, Kyra the Cat), who loved to be pushed around over the hot desert sidewalks where she could gloat over the less fortunate animals who were forced to walk, we loaned the stroller to Becky and Baby Girl.

Baby Girl loves the little stroller. She loves finally being taller than the other pets and she even shakes less when she’s in the secured area of the stroller.  She wears her little diamond bracelet around her neck, much as Paris Hilton’s dog does, and relaxes in the spacious carrier as she is carried, or rolled around town, the store or the mall.

The stroller has many wonderful features, but our favorite is the way that the carrier easily detaches from the stroller for travel ease.  It has a sturdy, removable base for easy cleaning, lots of pockets for when you don’t want to carry your purse as well, and we found out that you can place little ice bricks in the sides of the carrier to create some air conditioning for our pampered pooches.

In fact, my husband recently announced that he wants to “trade in” his large dog, Cheiss for a smaller model…

Of course, that will not be happening, but I thought it was cute nonetheless.

If you do any traveling at all with your pets, this is absolutely the carrier/stroller combination you want.  Stroll through the airport, share a double Latte’ with your four-legged friends, and proceed to the gate.  You’ll be able to easily remove the carrier and gate-check your stroller.  It’s a great system that allows more quality time with your pets and less aggravation for you and your family. Even a 6-lb dog can become heavy when you’re lugging them around.

If you found that you are not able to walk with your dogs due to the summer’s hot pavement, you can still do it with this fun product.  Just place them inside the cool carrier, open the screened panels, and you get the same workout as you push the highly maneuverable stroller ahead.

You can also use it to take your pets to the vet, a small party, a day at the park or any other event when you want your pet easily accessible but still safe and able to watch the action.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the features below.  I think they explain in detail what you can use it for and how handy it is to use.  When you’re not using it, collapse it and put it away, but while you are using it – your pet will enjoy the spacious area and zippered front breezeway that can be opened.  Meanwhile, you can throw your coke in one of the two-cup holders on the stroller and leave your hands free to really enjoy the world.


  • Spacious 18” x 11.5” x 10.5” pet carrier is perfect for any small breed dog up to 15 pounds
  • Removable designer pet carrier for the fashion conscious pet owner Can be used by itself or with the stroller.
  • Easy to clean, durable exterior.
  • Zippered front “Breezeway” that can be opened to give your pet a better view and fresh air
  • Large mesh vented side and top areas to assure that your pet is always comfortable
  • Top opens wide for easy access with our convenient “Zip Strap”, and gives your little loved one another place to peek out his head.
  • Interior adjustable leash to keep your pet from taking a trip without you.
  • Two carrying options to choose from: duffle bag style carrying handles or a stylish over the shoulder strap.
  • Rear storage pocket and undercarriage storage (Removable for cleaning).
  • Top and rear load capability.
  • Removable inner pad for cleaning.
  • Pet Carrier is collapsible for easy storage.
  • Tray with cup holder for cell phones, keys, change or any other odds and ends.
  • Easy fold frame for convenient storage (Folds to 8.5” high x 32” long x 14” wide).
  • A very user friendly and comfortable 35 ½” handle height.
  • Cushioned handles for your comfort.
  • Cushioned wheels for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Approved for use on most airlines (contact your carrier for restrictions).
  • Folds Flat for Easy Storage!

From the Cats:

Purrs: The cog has mixed feelings. While she’s not a big fan of confinement, it’s much better than being left behind!

Hisses: We love this product! Let’s us be taken everywhere, just as small dogs are meant to be…

From the humans:

Two opposable thumbs up!

Drawback? It’s limited to pets under 15 lbs, why oh why won’t someone come up with a carrier system that works on 100 lbs dogs?!

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