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Behind the Scenes at Hills Ideal Balance

This is a sponsored post; we have been compensated by Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Hill’s Pet Nutrition is not responsible for the content of this article.

What Goes Into Marketing A Cat Food

Pet food is a multi-billion dollar industry and marketing a pet food can often cost millions. Advertising and outreach is important for you, as a pet parent, to understand because you want to make sure that you’re purchasing a high-quality food that is right for your dog or cat. So, let’s begin by taking a look at the newest commercial from Hills Ideal Balance natural cat food and then we’ll talk about what went into making it.

This  behind-the-scenes tour of creating a commercial is from Hills Pet Food, and it’s designed to promote their newest line of natural pet food: Ideal Balance natural food for cats. We love seeing the advertising and “behind the scenes” views of what goes into pet food marketing and we’re grateful that Hills is a company open enough to reveal all their hard work to us.

Here is a look at how the commercial was made and what really goes into working with animals in a studio setting:


If you’ve been at a pet food store recently, you’ve probably already seen the bright new packaging for Hills Ideal Balance. The new design includes a striking silhouette of a dog or cat against a burst of sunlight. It’s so different from other natural products (and even the company’s other pet food brands) that you may not have even realized it was from the Hill’s, a group that prides themselves on science. Ideal Balance is no different – it still relies on science to offer nutritional balance, but it focuses on ingredients to reach that goal.  Research proves that Hills has successfully differentiated itself from other natural competitive brands. It’s been so successful that they are now in the natural pet food aisles of your local pet supply store.

Making A Commercial

To highlight the natural blend of balanced nutrition in Ideal Balance, Hill’s flew to Warsaw, Poland, where, with the help of a skilled production and animation team, they created commercials set in a hyper-realistic world of balanced nutrition for cats and dogs. In separate commercials, we follow a dog and a cat as they discover the world of Ideal Balance. Along the way, they journey through the balanced elements that make up Ideal Balance: Perfect proportions of what pets need to be healthy – not too much, not too little.

Research measuring advertising effectiveness shows the Ideal Balance TV advertising creates strong stopping power and engagement with consumers for Ideal Balance. That effectively means that consumers were heavily involved in developing the packaging and offering input on ingredients of Hills new pet food. Consumers’ Intent to Purchase increased to 67% after watching the ad up from 32% before the ad and the opinion of the brand was a tremendous 86% after watching the ad. This is why focus groups are so important.

The commercials blend real, natural elements like grass and gravel with stylized landscape animations. Combined, the two layers work seamlessly with live-action footage of pets, putting the animal in the Ideal Balance world that showcases the food’s true potential. Since inventing Ideal Balance pet foods from the ground up, Hills has managed to successfully communicate with consumers and give them what they want in a cat food.

Try for Free

Now that you know a little more about what went in to making this amazing new, natural pet food – go out and get some for your own family, and see the difference natural ingredients perfectly balanced can make! Hill’s website offers all sorts of information on the products, including where you can purchase them, online or in your neighborhood – and you can even try it free with the rebate offer! If you would like to try Ideal Balance, don’t miss this opportunity to receive a rebate of up to $12.99 on any 2-pound or larger bag of Hill’s Ideal Balance. Click here for the rebate.


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