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Pets Ahoy! Boating with Pets

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ruff-life-boatDog overboard!” I heard the dreadful splash just seconds after our small dog slipped from the boat into the ocean below.

Rushing to the rail, I saw our tiny pug furiously doggie-paddling in the dark, cold sea. Kiang was struggling to reach the pier, but the frigid Pacific waters were quickly slowing him down and, despite the warm sun overhead, he was already shivering.

Suddenly, a large green fishing net surged through the water, scooping the tired pup from the sea in a frenzy of splashing and kicking.  Luckily we were still docked, and the sea was not quite as frigid on this sunny day.  Had it been winter, or in the open ocean, our pet may not have fared as well.

When we first thought about taking our pets along for a summer of cruising the Pacific Northwest, it was with little trepidation.  We dreamt of watching our dogs chase seagulls through the early morning surf and seeing our favorite feline vigilantly standing guard on the bow, surveying the whales that surfaced near our yacht at sunset. It didn’t take long to understand that the reality of cruising with pets is much different than these sweet daydreams; but with preparation, planning and a lot of patience, we were able to make the dream a reality.

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The Good Life: Cat-Friendly Resorts

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cat person sleeping on vacationI stroll proudly through the lobby of the luxury hotel holding the elegant leash of my “cog” (that’s a cat who thinks she’s a dog) as she struts her stuff in a very stylish harness. Fellow travelers bravely approach us to compliment and pet her as we saunter through the foyer. Pets, with their loving hearts and innocent tail wags, are people magnets when traveling. While traveling with pets has always been possible, it’s only recently that it has become truly enjoyable. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, 29.1 million Americans admit to traveling with their pets . While dogs account for the majority of these pets, nearly 15% now consist of our favorite felines.  Americans have become more family-oriented since 9-11 and it is little wonder that in this day and age we don’t want to leave our favorite pets behind while we travel. The travel industry understands our needs and has opened the door to a very pet-friendly industry.

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