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Traveling With pets

Hitting the Road: Packing for Vacations with Pets


We spend a lot of time talking about your travel kit for pets. There are many reasons to have a travel kit prepared for your pets: from evacuation during an emergency, to vet trips, to a day at the beach. But, often we don’t think of all the items we need to include in that kit.

In the United States alone, 61% of pet parents travel with their pets and 33% travel “often” with their pets. In 2010, that equated to 189 million people in the US who hit the open road with Fido. Hotels are recognizing this and offering some really innovative packages for anyone on vacation with pets (see a few of our pet-friendly hotel profiles here). We’re happy to report that Arizona is one of America’s most pet-friendly cities (but please remember to pack some boots for your four-legged friend when you visit the Southwest as the pavement can get very hot).

Our friends at PetSafe put together a nice infographic that will remind you of the basic necessities, looks at some of the most pet-friendly places in the nation, and gives you some great guidelines on traveling with your pets. And since you know how much we love infographics, we’re reprinting it here. Hope you enjoy!


How to Vacation With Your Pet infographic by PetSafe

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