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If you live in the desert like we do, you probably don’t know a lot about mud rooms. But anywhere it rains a lot, mud rooms are a must-have. They keep people and pets from tracking mud throughout the house, they provide a place to hang your coat, set your muddy boots aside, and most importantly – clean paws and dry off wet dogs before they enter the home.

Here are a few of our favorite mud room designs and some great items to keep in your mud room at all times - because even if you live in the desert, keeping homes clean can be a challenge!


Choose durable flooring such as easy to clean carpet squares, tile or even stained concrete. Learn more about selecting a flooring option that best suits your pet no matter what climate you live in.


Once you've established the perfect flooring for your weather, it's important to provide super-absorbent, stylish microfiber rugs at each entry to the home - particularly if you live in an area with high precipitation. Our favorite rugs are from Soggy Doggy.  They are available in a multitude of colors, are simple to clean and are the most absorbent mats we have ever seen. Your dog need only step on them and the fibers naturally collect debris, dust, dirt and mud. Toss them into the washer for easy cleaning.

Shower Area

It may be worth your while to incorporate a shower into your mud room, which will enable you to quickly rinse off your pets paws prior to house entry. It also provides a nice warm area for bathing your dog without him running through the house shaking water everywhere. Keep a good stock of super absorbent microfiber towels (we like these DII Bone Dry Microfiber Dog Bath Towel) handy to easily towel them off. Another great thing to keep hanging on the drying rack are these fun FURminator FUR Dry bath robes for dogs - particularly if you live in a very cold climate. Not only do they help your dog dry off in half the time, they keep Fido from shivering after a warm bath.

Even better, use it as a multi-purpose room! By combining the laundry room, mud room and outdoor access, you are able to fully integrate your home.

Integrate feeding time into the mud room so pets grow accustomed to the area as a safe place. Not only does it keeps pets indoors, it will help keep your home spotless and stop all that dripping water from making the floors slick.


Leashes, Collars and Supplies

Hang leashes from hooks to allow for quick drying and the ability to grab and go. This is also an excellent place to keep toys so they don't clutter your floors. Best of all, you can teach your pet to clean up their own toys, which makes those snow-bound days much easier for all to bear...

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