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Puplight: The #1 Dog Safety Light

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Now that summer is here, the sweltering desert days force us to walk our beloved pooches later and later in the evenings due to the blistering pavement that now take long hours to cool down.  This presents an entirely new set of problems for those of us who enjoy walking our dogs, but suddenly find ourselves burdened not only with our pooches and their leashes, but a water bottle and a flashlight as well. Puplight has taken it upon themselves to solve this problem.

They have developed a unique solution to the problem of seeing in the dark, and it’s called, simply enough, the Puplight!  This lightweight unit fits easily on your pet’s collar, or you can place the unit on the adjustable band that is included in the box and simply put it over your pet’s existing collar.  It also works incredibly well on harnesses, and just about any other contraption you may have rigged to control your pet.

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