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Tagg Pet Tracker Introduces Activity Tracking


SnapTracs, the makers of the Tagg GPS Pet Tracker, are reportedly going to be announcing an exciting new feature called Activity Tracking. This feature is a new way to monitor your pet’s activity during the day which will help you make informed decisions about your pet’s exercise levels, provide valuable behavioral information , and create an easy way to track historical data about changes in your pets activity levels.

PetsWeekly got a special preview of these new features. Activity Tracking, specifically designed for dogs that use the Pet Tracker, uses a motion sensor that is already built into your pets Tagg Tracker. There is no update required – the information will reportedly be automatically available to subscribers by November, 2012.


There are four levels of activity monitoring:

  • Resting: Sleeping, lounging, lying belly-up in the sun
  • Light activity: Rolling over, stretching, stealing food from the counter
  • Moderate Activity: Brisk walks, chasing birds, exploring the yard, digging up flowers
  • High Activity: Running, playing, wrestling with their favorite human, chasing birds and squirrels, fetching a ball

Each activity is assigned a Tagg Point based on the level of intensity. This data is then imported into a simple chart for each of your pets, and is archived for easy access of historical data. You will be able to track your pets’ daily charts and access their history.

The data will allow us to monitor physical and behavioral information even when we’re not home, without decreasing battery life. The data is transferred each morning when the Tagg tracker “wakes up” or can be accessed “on demand.” So keep an eye on your email for this amazing new feature from SnapTracs.

Here’s a sneak peak at the new activity tracking page and a few of the items you’ll be able to monitor:

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