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Drones: The New Way to Film Your Pet


For the past few decades, since the invention of the home video camera, pets have been a staple of the funny video market. We love watching our pets play and sharing their antics with our friends and family. 

Many families do so in the hope that someday their pet dog or cat will do something so funny that they can earn a few hundred dollars or create a viral YouTube video – right now I’m thinking of that poor grey kitten startled by lizards or that cat which chased off an alligator.

Previously a niche hobby costing too much for most families, drones are fast becoming more and more affordable. There are many uses for drones, but the one we care about is using the on-board camera to create some amazing videos of our pets; especially while out hiking or playing with your pets. 

[heading style=”2″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]Taking to the Skies[/heading]

Think about how you currently film or photograph your pet dog or cat. It’s with an old camera or recorder, or a new smartphone device with precious little battery. Sometimes the videos are really good, quite often they’re a little blurry, and miss the very thing you were trying to record. They are good for ground level, in your face recordings, but what if you want to record hands-free while you enjoy your time with your dogs and cats? 

how will you capture that perfect hike while your dogs run ahead of you in the vast mountains?

Drones can do it for you these days…


[heading style=”2″ color=”#c96a26″ style_color=”#c96a26″]Examples of How to Use a Drone to Film your Pet:[/heading]

1. Naturally dogs may get a bit excited by a drone flying overhead, so we advise you not to fly it too close to pets (or expect them to take it down). Remember that if you’re flying in natural parks, it’s illegal to harass the wildlife. Be respectful of animals while flying. 

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2. Drones are a great way to capture your daily dog walk without having to walk backwards in front of your pets.

3. Capture your pet playing be it in the garden or at a local lake gathering sticks.

4. It’s not just our pets who are making it onto drone footage, but rescue animals too. Check out this video of a British search and rescue dog in action. 

5. Getting up close and personal with cats though, may require a smaller drone device, as they tend to have their most fun at home or in the garden. Be warned though, if the drone doesn’t frighten them it means they see your toy as something to hunt. That’s a good way to lose a drone!

Play it safe for with pets and keep your drone at least 5 feet away. 

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