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Total Tech Support for the Integrated Pet Home

Tech Support

In case you hadn’t noticed, we spend a LOT of time online. Website updates, magazine writing, social media, the list goes on and on. That’s why we appreciate services like Best Buy Total Tech Support powered by Geek Squad.

This is a sponsored post – we have received compensation in the form of cash, product or a gift card. However, we only share content that we feel would be of value to our readers. 

The Total Tech Support service offers many benefits. For just $49.99 per service call, the Squad offers in home services, 20% savings on repairs to gadgets, and a lot of protection plans (via Geek Squad Protection and AppleCare Products).

It’s very easy to use. You have 24/7 support with them online, in-store, or over the phone. It’s support when you need it.

What are the highlights?

• 24/7 tech support no matter when or where you bought your tech
• Only $49.99 on in-home services
• 20% off Geek Squad Protection & AppleCare Products
• Many included services including virus removal, connected car installation, and data transfer
• 20% off repairs and advanced services
• Internet security software included Tech Support

One of the programs they offer is a Computing plan. There are a lot of things you can use this support on, including data transfer and backup (critically important), setting up that new home computer (and the variety of problems that present in a connected home), internet security software, virus removal, and more. It’s all included in a Total Tech Support membership.

Connecting our Holiday Gifts

Over the holidays, we made our home “Smart”. We brought in Google Home, added some smart outlets (which was super handy for the tree lights!), added a smart doorbell, two wi-fi cameras (one was a Kodak, another a Motorola set everything up via Google’s voice assistant.

I’m not saying it was hard to do, because things are pretty intuitive these days; but given that we were working with different brands, different types of equipment, and a lack of knowledge about LAN (not to mention securing all of it), it was not as fun as we had hoped and took most of two days to do properly.

This all would have been a lot easier to do (and much more enjoyable) had I known about this service from Best Buy. They would have come out to the house and installed and troubleshooted all of it for about $100.

At any rate, this is a great option for people who aren’t very tech-minded and don’t know much about home network security. If you’re thinking of setting up your smart home, car services, appliance install, and much more.


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