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Designing Your Home for Cats


Looking for some creative designs for your home that make your cat feel like a member of the family? These are some wonderfully creative ways you can do just that. From winding slides (which could probably use a few steps instead) to outdoor catios, these are some creative and fun ways you can help make your cat’s house a home.

This allows you to have a built in litter box with a cat-shaped entrance in the laundry room of your home. No more embarrasing litter boxes in the bathroom!


This oasis gives your cats plenty of room to roam in their air-conditioned and heated catio. Fully enclosed, this room includes custom-made cat walkways and plenty of feline fun! You know that area that is never used in between closets and walls and bathroom cabinets? They make a perfect place to hide your cat’s litterbox and they make cleaning a breeze. Just open a cabinet and you have full access to the hidden area.

Make your master bath a private oasis for your kitties. This is one of the more creatively designed and elaborately constructed oasis rooms we’ve seen, but we love it.

This entryway includes a koi pond, a garden oasis and plenty of climbing areas. The column even doubles as a scratch post!

This catio is one of my favorites. The rock formation makes for some great climbing and the high ledges let cats climb to watch birds. It just needs a water feature!

This outdoor kitty catwalk allows your feline friends a 260 degree view of the world.

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