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Cozy Homes at Home for Furry Friends


Have you ever thought about how wonderful it would be to include your pet when you design your home? Why not build your pet its own sanctuary in select areas of your home?

Our special furry friends are already a part of our families and naturally have a special place in our hearts. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of just pet beds and fun toys, they had a special place in our homes as well? If you’re not sure where to accommodate your dogs, read on because I will show you which rooms in your home can become pet HQ.



The mudroom is a perfect spot for your pet’s sleeping quarters, especially if they’re the curious or protective type since they’ll always get to see everything that approaches your home. All you need to do is place a comfy doggie bed between two large storage cabinets. Make sure to allot enough space to accommodate your pet so they can move around freely and rest comfortably.

If you don’t have shelves or cabinets in your mudroom, simply place a basket with a cushion in it. Your pet can just curl up on it after an active day.

Maximize that corner kitchen cabinet where stored items can often be difficult to reach, and turn it into your pet’s corner, literally. Another option is to empty out one of the cabinets under the kitchen counter or open up a space in your kitchen island. This makes it easy when you want to hand your pets some treats while you’re tidying up the kitchen.



If you have built-in cabinets lining up the hallway, empty a shelf or two and put in a comfortable bed to accommodate your pet. If you have a cat, you can reserve any part of the shelf for your pet since they like jumping around anyway. For a dog, the bottom shelves will work just fine. If you’re going to hire a contractor to build your cabinets, let them know you intend to have some shelves dedicated to your pets. That way, you’ll get shelves with just the right dimensions.


Likewise, since cats love to climb, you can always line your walls with special shelves for cats, and place a nice, cozy cat bed on the topmost shelf. You can strategically line up the shelves yourself, or you can simply purchase them pre-made. Just make sure to keep the shelves some distance away from your more delicate décor so your furry feline friends can jump around without breaking anything.


Laundry Room
Since the laundry room is usually quiet unless it is laundry day, it’s one of the perfect places to build a home for your pet! Similar to the pet’s corner in the kitchen, you can clear out a laundry cabinet corner for your pet to sleep in.

Another good thing about having your pet’s sleeping quarters in the laundry room is you could have a shower area specially built for your furry friends.

Under the Stairs

Clean out the clutter under your stairs and turn that space into something useful instead, like a sanctuary for your pets. You can make them their very own kitty or doggie door for some semblance of privacy. To finish it up, fill the inside with a bed and toys, along with a litter box for cats.


Living Room

If you have a big space in your living room, you can reserve a corner or small section of the room for your furry friend, and have that area personalized. Put in a few toys on the pet bed, and mount a pet dish on the wall to lessen the possibility of food messes on the floor.

If you have a cat, you can place a scratching post with a wooden panel base in your living room. Once your cat has had its fill of digging its claws on the post, it can curl up on the post’s base. To make your pet more comfortable, you can pin some cushions onto the base.


Spare Room

Let’s admit it: most of the stuff stored in the spare room is probably clutter. Instead of allowing your family to stash miscellaneous items that no longer get used in the spare room, consider giving it to a member of the family: your pets. Treat this room like an actual bedroom, and put in all pet paraphernalia: toys, dishes, pillows, and beds. You can even get a small table where you can display your photos with your beloved pets.


Just as we need a relaxing place to retire to every night, our charming, loyal pets deserve the same. Give them a treat by providing comfortable sleeping quarters in your home.

Jennifer Lutz is the home décor expert for www.christmastreemarket.com and the driving force behind home décor projects for the Christmas Tree Market blog. She authors a series on home décor for the beginner – Home Décor 101. The most recent article in this series – on painting – can be found at http://blog.christmastreemarket.com/2013/07/how-to-paint-a-room/.

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