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Muzzled by Eileen Brady


When it comes to mysteries,  Arizona veterinarian Eileen Brady knows how to set the hook. Muzzled: A Kate Turner, DVM Mystery is the debut novel of this talented Scottsdale veterinarian and as far as we’re concerned, it’s a “must read” for any animal lovers who love a good mystery.

When Dr. Kate Turner takes a year long stint as an emergency vet in a small town, she embarks on a series of strange house calls – one of which includes the health check of a stud at the home of a breeder of prize-winning cavalier King Charles spaniels show dogs. But when she arrives, she finds 27 dogs running through the house and the eccentric breeders dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

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But as police learn that Ketamine was involved in the double homicide now deemed “suspicious”, Dr. Turner finds herself a suspect.

Between caring for her four-legged patients and dealing with a former love interest who left her for a younger woman, Kate has more than enough on her hands already.

But like all great mysteries, not all is as it seems. When a woman is shot during a dog show, and Kate once again happens to be on location, the savvy vet knows she must find as way to clear her name and discover the true murderer and motive.

It’s not that simple. In this small town, there are many possibilities – from a rough and tumble biker-turned-baker who always pays cash to have his tough tom cat treated, to several local business owners who resented the victims for their ongoing threats.

This novel is filled with fun characters, including many characters from dog shows, a spoiled and estranged daughter of a millionaire dog lover, and a recluse director who may be hiding more than we think.

New York Times award winning author James Rollins (also a veterinarian) says that Muzzled is, “…written with exacting authority, along with a frolicking sense of humor about life, animals, and the lengths to which someone will go to right a wrong, all while maintaining a solid sense of tension and suspense.”


We agree. This mystery is fun and interesting, with a cast of characters that you can’t help but love.

Filled with just enough technical information to keep animal lovers happy and entertaining characters that anyone in the animal industry can relate to, this novel is well-paced as a solid mystery that will keep even the most avid mystery lover guessing until the final page. I’m very much looking forward to more books in this series.

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