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Review of Healthy Horse Hors D’oeuvres


The owner of Healthy Horse Hors D’oeuvres sent me several of their delectable flavors to offer my herd. I say delectable because these darn well smell good enough to eat! The ingredients are human grade, and there are no chemicals so I’d say you can probably try them. Lucky horses get all the good stuff.

The flavors that arrived were: Oatmeal Raisin, Cranberry Spice, Carrot Cake, Ginger Snap, Cranberry Mint, Caramel Apple, and Blueberry Muffin.

So the first impression upon opening the package was the wonderful smell. I made the mistake of putting the package close to the turnout while I grabbed my camera, and my OTTB was trying to open the package and sneak some. Upon opening, I was instantly mobbed by the whole herd. They really wanted those cookies.

I didn’t want any arguments so I brought reinforcements. The horses got fed in pairs. I also hid the cookies in the feed room.


[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Carrot Cake[/heading]

Ingredients: Carrots, oats, coconut oil, cinnamon, salt

The first treat offered was Carrot Cake. The OTTB was hesitant, as is this horse’s common behavior with new foods. That was very quick to change, and after one taste this one was hooked!

Carrot cake baked (top) unbaked – courtesy of Healthy Horse Hors D’oeuvres

There was no hesitation from any of the rest of the horses to try this flavor, and anything offered quickly disappeared. They chewed happily and looked for more immediately!

This flavor smelled just like the tastiest carrot cake you have ever had. Because of the smell I ended up having to bake a cake for my helpers afterward. The cake didn’t smell as good according to the horses.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Cranberry Spice[/heading]

Ingredients: Cranberry puree, oats, coconut oil, salt, cinnamon

The second flavor tested was Cranberry Spice. This was also very fragrant. It smelled fantastic! The consensus among the humans was that the horses are getting some really tasty treats! The horses all agreed, and the offerings disappeared fast! There was no hesitation and we were only two flavors in.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Oatmeal Raisin[/heading]

Ingredients: Raisin puree, oats, coconut oil, salt

Another fantastic smelling treat. You could easily put these on your counter and any guests would go looking for oatmeal raisin cookies. It was a near thing to keep my helper from chewing on these. The horses needed no encouragement to try them. They figured out we returned from the feed room with new cookies and began to follow us and wait at the fence to see what would be the next tasty surprise.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Ginger Snap[/heading]

Ingredients: Fruit puree, Oats, Ginger, Salt, Coconut Oil

These cookies smelled wonderful, and my Percheron, who is already well-attuned to the word “cookie” was on the tip of his toes to see what would come out next. We barely had time to get out hands flat before all the questing noses found these cookies and devoured them.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Cranberry Mint[/heading]

Ingredients: Cranberry, Oats, Coconut Oil, Salt, Mint Oil

The mint is strong in these cookies and you will smell it as soon as you open the package. The horses will too! These cookies maybe should have been first, as the horses smelled them coming. Nickering began the moment I stepped from the feed room, and got more and more insistent and excited as the smell reached them. Every one of the horses wanted these. Immediately.

Cranberry going in the oven –photo courtesy of Healthy Horse Hors d’oeuvres

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Caramel Apple[/heading]

Ingredients: Apples, Oats, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Salt, Caramel Extract

The smell is reminiscent of fall and Halloween. It smells like exactly what the name is. Apples and horses were already a great pair, but the minute you feed it in this form it may spoil your horse for actual cookies. My OTTB is now refusing apples, and only wants these cookies. Definitely a hit.

[heading style=”modern-1-light” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#06192e” align=”left”]Blueberry Muffin[/heading]

Ingredients: Blueberries, Oats, Coconut Oil, Salt

This was not a flavor I expected, but they certainly smelled fantastic. I don’t think of blueberry muffins and horses, but in thinking about it I have had to save my breakfast muffin from a questing nose a time or two. These cookies are no different, and they were immediately gobbled up by my greedy, happy herd.

When asked how she got started baking these cookies, Terri tells that her husband would feed pounds of treats at a time if given the opportunity, and reading the labels that stated to limit to 3-4 treats a day from commercial cookies had her wondering why. A little research into the ingredients on the commercially made cookies shows many fillers and additives. Terri then took the ingredients to as basic a level as she could to keep the treats as safe and natural as possible. This eliminated any quantity worries for her family.

Key lime pie – photo courtesy of Healthy Horse Horse D’oeuvres

The range of flavors increased as Terri researched the benefits of different fruits and vegetables. While not all of the treats have a specific benefit in mind, some do. The “Beet Your Horses” and Rutabaga flavors were both created for a personal friend of hers who’s horse was being treated for Laminitis. The lack of molasses, added sugars and fillers is why the Australian College of Equine Podiatherapy commented on the business facebook page that the treats “Sound fantastic – especially for horses with laminitis.”.

As you speak to Terri you get a sense of how much she not only loves horses, but loves what she’s doing making these treats. She’s put in so much time with the research, and she’s happy to tell you about all the health benefits of a given ingredient. Terri is constantly upgrading, and just got new packaging to better serve her customers.

New packaging photo courtesy of Healthy Horse Hors D’oeuvres

How to order

Currently these are only shipped to horse owners in the USA. If you are outside the USA and really want some, be sure to contact Terri directly. Otherwise, orders can be made through the website, facebook page or by phone. Orders ship out USPS Priority Mail. Terri is happy to make custom flavors, but please be sure to check with your veterinarian that the ingredient you are asking for is safe for your horse.

Try these cookies. You won’t be disappointed!

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