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Our Visit to Nature’s Table


One of the many advantages to being a writer (besides the ability to work at home with my pets!) is being invited to special events that take me away from my pets.  Not that I like to be away from my pets – I don’t. But it’s nice to learn about a new product in a different setting.

This month, we were invited to Brooklyn, New York to learn about the launch of Innova’s newest addition to the food table, “Nature’s Table.”

I’m going to tell you about the dinner because it applies to the pet food. The dinner was inspired by the “Farm-to-table” movement, which if you read Pet Age magazine (and you should), you’ll see is mentioned as a trend in 2014. It’s more than a trend, though. It’s a way of life. Simple meals, easy preparation, and high-quality ingredients that are locally sourced. This is the way we should be eating. This is the way our pets should be eating…


Dinner was amazing. Chef Kerry Heffernan was the creator of this five-course meal and he used the same ingredients that are used in Nature’s Table.

So, let me run through our menu and show you how we should be eating:

  • Amuse Bouche: Mousse of wild smoked salmon with micro cress
  • First Course: Carpaccio of bison with cranberry agro dolce and sunflower chive oil
  • Second Course: Smoked chicken breast with lentil and root vegetable ragout and rosemary custard
  • Third Course: Braised short ribs of beef, with carrot-laurel fondue, arugula and flax seed
  • Dessert: Pumpkin Brule’ with sweet whipped cottage cheese and Mexican cinnamon

Okay – do I have the best job in the world or what?


I don’t just say that to make your mouth water, but because it’s important to know and understand what you’re eating. All of these items are single-source ingredients. All of them are locally sourced. All of them are amazing when combined. And all of them could easily be eaten by your dog.

“We want consumers to feel good about the food they feed their pets,” said Kari Liu, senior scientist in formulation and diet design. “Each ingredient found in Nature’s Table recipes serve a specific purpose, like high-quality animal proteins for lean muscle mass, omega fatty acids for a shiny coat, healthy carbohydrates like lentils and peas for sustained energy, and nourishing antioxidants like vitamin E to help promote a healthy immune system.”


This is a really relaxing video that also shows where they source ingredients for their pet food. I love that it’s all from local farms and ranches in the US. They don’t send it out for processing (like a lot of foods do) and they keep all their manufacturing in house.

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUrk7uImTR8″]

“We know that our consumers care about high-quality, farm-grown ingredients that benefit their pets’ natural lifestyle,” said Dan Jackson, marketing director at Innova. “In fact, Innova was the first brand to create a grain-free product and Nature’s Table recipes continue to follow this movement. By eliminating gluten, grains and white potato and using healthy carbohydrates like lentils and peas, similar to the way so many of us eat, we are proud to continue to provide pet parents with the ability to feed their pets natural products.”

Dog owners can choose from five nutritious dry recipes and two treat recipes:

  • Grain Free Farm-Raised Chicken & Savory Turkey Recipe Adult Dog Food
  • Grain Free Cold Water Salmon & Wild Herring Recipe Adult Dog Food
  • Grain Free Ranch-Raised Beef & Red Lentils Recipe Adult Dog Food
  • Grain Free Adult Dog Food with Ranch-Raised Bison & Green Lentils
  • Grain Free Adult Dog Food with Pasture-Raised Venison & Split Peas
  • Grain Free Farm-Raised Chicken Recipe Dog Treats
  • Grain Free Ranch-Raised Beef & Garden Peas Recipe Dog Treats

Cat owners will have two nutritious dry recipes and one treat recipe to choose from:

  • Grain Free Farm-Raised Chicken & Tender Turkey Recipe Adult Cat Food
  • Grain Free Cold Water Salmon & Peas Recipe Adult Cat Food
  • Grain Free Cold Water Salmon & Savory Chicken Recipe Cat Treats

For more information about Innova Nature’s Table, or to find a local retailer, please visit www.InnovaPet.com, or follow Innova on Facebook.

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