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We review a lot of products. Our pups don’t always like the products we review and when they don’t, we tell you about it. But, the Isle of Dogs is a line of products we not only we love, our pets love as well. This month, we took a look at their new line of luxuriant shampoos, conditioners, brush sprays and treats from the Isle of Dogs.

The Isle of Dogs all-natural, botanical line of products are gentle enough to use each week without stripping the coat of natural shine. The best part? It smells wonderful! With individualized products for specific breeds and individualized problems, this is a company that truly understands the dogs we live and work with.

Our favorite smelling? The Violet and Sea Mist Shampoo, Conditioner and Detangling Spray. Not only does this product have a gentle scent that is not overwhelming to our pack’s sensitive noses, it helps volumize and thicken the heavier coats of our shepherd mixes. The Jasmine Vanilla set of shampoos caters to the silkier breeds, making it easy to brush out mats and tangles.


If you’re not really sure which product is best for your dog, take a moment to view their “profiler” on the IODogs.com website. An example of our dogs is:

Roscoe, our big Beagle-Labrador mix

  • Problem: Undesirable Odor (from eating poop, probably)
  • Solution: Violet + Sea Mist Repláscents Odor Neutralizing Fragrance. A revolutionary odor-neutralizing spray for your dog and home.  Repláscents replace scent, neutralizing bad odors and replacing them with a subtle delicious fragrance.  An alternative to perfume and home sprays which are not safe for application directly on your dog. ($14.99). We chose to use the Jasmine-Vanilla shampoo and conditioner on him, which is designed specifically for Yorkies, Beagles and Spaniels.
  • Dog Treat: Sweet Milk and Toffee Treat – This all-natural treat helps keep bad breath at bay with Sweet Milk and Toffee extracts. A unique blend of whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables, and whole flax seed helps promote wellness. We know he loves the flavor, but then again – he eats poop – so he’s not the best judge. However, Cheiss and Tristan also loved this treat, and even the Cog got in on some treat action! ($11.99)

Cheiss, our Australian Shepherd-Ridgeback-Chow-Redbone mix

  • Problem: Silky, thin coat (which is beautiful, but often results in dreadlocks)
  • Solution: NaturaLuxury Gloss Shampoo (Violet and Sea Mist)- Highly concentrated, this deep conditioning treatment restores body and strength to the silkier breeds, reduces breakage and eliminates tangles. Wheat proteins and vitamin-rich botanicals combine to enhance natural beauty and promote a healthy coat. It makes him smell wonderful too! ($20.00) We completed the shampoo with the Lush Coating, Violet + Sea Mist Dog Conditioner for Dry, Damaged and Shedding Hair, which makes him silky smooth and is helping to heal the prior damage.
  • Dog Treat: Lemon Balm and Lavender offers a calming treat for our high-strung pup. Most highly recommended for dogs who tend to be a little more “stressed” than others, we had a lot of success with this treat and Cheiss even loves the flavor – pretty good since he’s not a treat-motivated dog! ($11.99)

Tristan, our lazy coyote/wolf hybrid who lies around the house and sheds.

  • Problem: Shedding. Constantly. Big thick clumps of “wolf wool”.
  • Solution: Violet and Sea Mist Lush Brushing Spray – The Oat Kernel Protein, Silk Amino Acids and Wheat Proteins help strengthen hair. It also encourages the removal of “dead” hair and makes brushing a lot easier (and more successful). ($14.99)
  • Dog Treat: The Lemon and Peppermint 14-day treat. This specific treat is formulated with a patented strain of beneficial bacteria which withstands the high temperatures of baking and introduces healthy active cultures into Tristan’s “challenging” digestive system. ($11.99)


In all, this is a very impressive product line and Isle of Dogs makes it clear that they care as much about our pets as we do. The individual formulations make it a number one product with groomers and allows even the most uneducated owners experts in their favorite subject: Dogs.

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