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2014 Holiday Gift List for Dogs & Their People


We love the holidays! This is the time of good will, great products and cool weather. We’ve had an entire year to choose our picks for the holiday season. These are a few of our favorite items that we know you and your “big dogs” will love. From outerwear to rugged toys, especially for the “big dog” in the world.

This year, we’re focusing on keeping pets warm and entertained during Snowmageddon. So, without further ado, here are our holiday picks for 2014.

Ruffwear K9 Outer Wear
Ruffwear is our favorite for big dog outdoor wear! They understand the needs of animals (and their owners) for hiking gear and cold-weather protection. Here are two of our favorite coats for large dogs.

Ruffwear K-9 Overcoat Utility Jacket

This jacket will keep your pets extra warm this holiday season without hampering movement or causing problems putting it on.

Ruffwear Quinzee Insulated Jacket

This is a lightweight jacket that offers extra insulation for those cool days. Super easy to put on, we love how warm it keeps our pets during the cold winter nights. If you live up North, layer it over a warm sweater to keep your pets super toasty!


Cycle Dog Collar

Back on our list this year is the Cycle Dog Bottle Opener Recycled Dog Collar. These collars are made from recycled tubing of bicycle tires and are the most durable yet softest collars we’ve ever had on our pets and they rank our favorite again this year. Added bonus: A bottle opener is built into the collar – perfect for a day at the beach or a hike!

UpCountry Christmas Collars


If you’re looking for something festive, the Dog Collars for the Holidays by Up Country are perfect for a night stroll with carolers! Their products are made in the USA and we know you’ll love their entire holiday collection of everything from sweaters to treats.
Prices vary, but most collars begin at $18.


Water Collar from Hedz Up Pets

The HedzUp Watercollar is one of the more impressive new products we’ve seen this year. While it may seem odd to be talking about PFD (Personal Flotation Devices) in winter, the truth is, this is a topic that haunts us year round – especially in warmer climates (like Arizona and Florida). Many breeds are just not good at swimming. If you have a dog that isn’t good at swimming, you should absolutely check out our review of the HedzUp Pets collar. This will keep your pets head above water even if they are completely unconscious. We can’t think of a better gift than the gift of life!


Another product that changes lives. We’ve had amazing results with our senior dog, Cheiss by using this product. Revitamal is an all-natural supplement that actually extends your pets life. Revitamal® Anti-Aging Pet Supplement brings major breakthroughs in cellular anti-aging science to your pet. The first product of its kind, Revitamal® begins working immediately to restore function, comfort, energy and vitality, while providing high-level protection for your pet. Works great for dogs and cats and any other number of species. We know you’ll love this…

On Black Friday, it’s available for just $24.95 – that’s a big savings of over $10!

SleepyPod ClickIt Sport

The ClickIt Utility Dog Safety Harness harnesses are tested to keep pets safe while you’re traveling to grandmother’s house. Clickit Sport is Sleepypod’s next generation dog safety harness. Their new design makes it light and easy to use, without sacrificing safety. This harness helps you rely on the same dynamic crash testing that ensures the performance of child safety restraints.


Best Treats for Dogs


Honest Kitchen


If you’re looking for a warm, soothing treat for your best four-legged friend, The Honest Kitchen has the perfect selection. For a very limited time, you can order a holiday collection of Winter Warmers Broth.

Save 5% by using coupon code: PETSWEEK13

Clear Conscience Pets: Lamb Airy Bites

Clear Conscience Pet Lamb Airy Bites Dog Treats are free of all chemical preservatives including glycerins and glycols, and are instead holistically formulated with meat content and ultra-low carbohydrates. What’s not to love about an ingredient list that is as simple as: Lamb lung, organic flax, dried spinach, dried pumpkin, dried carrot.

These treats make the perfect stocking stuffer for any sized dog! Low-cal, high protein and chock full of wonderful tasty lamb!

Use coupon code: PETSWEEKLY to save 15% site-wide through Dec. 31.




Licks for Dogs

Our dogs are avid fans of the entire line of products from Licks Pill Free.

Licks Pill Free for Dogs makes the perfect supplement stocking stuffer for any type of dog. Each dose is individually packaged – simply place on your dog’s paw (they love the taste of the roasted chicken) or into your dog’s food. LICKS® offers an extensive line of products for pets, each formulated to focus on resolving specific health and behavior conditions. (We recommend the ZEN™ formula as a calming aid to keep anxious, stressed-out or aggressive dogs calm during the hectic holidays).

Use Coupon Code: LICKSAZ20 to save 20% off your purchase thru 12/31/14!




Reindeer Antlers

What better way to usher in the holidays than with some tasty Reindeer Antlers? Be sure to get the correct size for your pup, and you’ll keep them entertained throughout the entire holiday season!

Best Toys for Dogs

PetSafe Pogo Plush Toys

Looking for a toy that will hold up to the heaviest chewer? PetSafe offers Petsafe Pogo Plush Raccoon, Dog Toy that come complete with a migrating squeaker and an inner cage under the plush covering dogs love. Great for any size, this toy will last much longer than your standard plush toys.
Prices begin at $12.99+

Quaker Pet Group

These are fantastic for heavy chewers who still love their plush toys. GoDog features a special netting (ChewGuard) that helps protect the interior of toys from pets.

EcoQuacker from Honest Pet Products

Looking for a more natural toy? We love the new Eco Quacker from Honest Pet Products – these toys are made from durable hemp canvas and organic wool, making it one of the most eco-friendly and safe toys on the planet. Each toy is internally safety stitched for extra durability. Our dogs loved the unique bird call that chirps softly when the toy is shaken. Be sure you check out Honest Pet Products – they have many unique toys that are all naturally crafted from natural materials, and they guarantee all of their products.


Winter Spa!

Since you’re locked indoors during the cold winter months, you may as well take some time to pamper your pets. Our friends at DERMagic have some amazing products to help beat the wintertime blues. Refresh you and your pets with a luxurious bath salt soak! The Dead Sea Salt Scrubs are fantastic for soaking away your pet’s aches and pains. The scent will revive you as well (and bonus – it helps to rid your pets of dandruff!)

Here’s a quick video that shows how to use these salts:


Orvis Water Trapper Mats

These durable water-trapper tree mats are the perfect addition to any home. These are perfect for those muddy days and cold winter nights when its important to keep snow and rain out of the home.

(Tip: They also have a wonderful tree mat that fits perfectly under the Christmas tree to protect your floors!)


TrustyPup Thermacare Bed

This bed came very late in the season, but it has absolutely become our pets favorite bark-a-lounger. The new Trustypup Thermacare bed from Worldwise is made with convoluted foam that helps to rejuvenate your dog while he rests. The memory foam and gel foams helps conform to your dog’s unique shape, providing a therapeutic way to help your pup get the best sleep possible. The luxurious fleece is inviting and the filling is oh-so-comfy! Pricing begins at $45 and depends on size.



Orvis Dog Bed


A very well-designed and durable pet bed that will last you for years! We fell in love with Orvis products this year and have found them to be some of the best pet products on the market.


Holiday Breed Ornaments

Available in just about every type of design, these ornaments are perfect for the tree of your favorite dog lover. Get one for each type of breed!

Technology for Pet Lovers

Hands down, my favorite product of the year is the Neato Botvac 80 Robot Vacuum . Read our review, then buy it. Seriously, buy it. You’ll love this product and your pets won’t mind it a bit!

Best Books for Animal Lovers

We strongly recommend these reads for animal lovers. We found them all to be extremely enjoyable (and in most cases, quite educational) reads! From mysteries to metaphors, training to pet health, these are the ones we return to time and again…

Muzzled: A Kate Turner, DVM Mystery (Kate Turner, DVM Mysteries Book 1) A mystery that all animal lovers will enjoy, written by a veterinarian!

The Mountaintop School for Dogs and Other Second Chances By Ellen Cooney. A woman arrives at a mountaintop school for dogs, which is actually a dog rescue for dogs considered “broken”. But she learns that every dog can be fixed and every human can learn from a dog.

Speaking for Spot: Be the Advocate Your Dog Needs to Live a Happy, Healthy, Longer Life by Nancy Kay, DVM – this is a wonderful guide to all you need to know about your pet’s health.

The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Keeping Your Pet Happy, Healthy & Active Through Every Stage of Life by Betsy Brevitz, DVM – Another great resource for keeping your pets healthy.

Decoding Your Dog: The Ultimate Experts Explain Common Dog Behaviors and Reveal How to Prevent or Change Unwanted Ones – because you can’t change what you don’t understand. Learn why your dog does something to learn ways to fix it.

We also hope you’ll support our pack leader with a purchase of a signed copy of her urban fantasy novel, Shepherd’s Moon. It’s a fun read about a woman who can communicate with animals and winds up running a halfway house of crime-fighting were-creatures.

If you like thrillers and urban fantasy, you’ll love this novel. Order from this link and we’ll send you a FREE copy of So, You Have A New Puppy! with your order – limited time!

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