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FURminator deLuxe Review


If a new FURminator brush is one of your most favorite products, just wait until you see their new deLuxe product line. We received the FURminator deLuxe deShedding Tool for review a few weeks ago – just in time to deal with the shedding problems that rapid weather changes bring. Once again, it appears that FURminator can do no wrong.

The deLuxe product line takes all the things we love about the classic product and improves on them.

The first thing you’ll notice is the new design. The ergonomic handle provides an easier grip that is more controllable and easier to hold while grooming the “hairier” pets. The handlehas a new grip that makes it easier to handle. It both decreases the wear and tear on your arm while offering greater control. This makes a big difference when working with thick, heavy coats that require a lot of grooming.

Next you’ll notice the “Fur-ejector” aspect of the tool, which offers the ability to eject fur from the blade with a simple button. This allows you to keep the blades clean during grooming.

The blade/comb itself remains the amazingly high-quality it’s always been. Be sure to keep the plastic covering on it when not in use.

My stepson and his friend decided to try it out on themselves and they said it better than I can when they stated, “It makes your hair really soft!” (The amazing thing is that it really did).

We’ve taken this product to dog parks to see how it works with some of the crazier pets at play. Even the dogs that we didn’t really think shed all that much turned out to be shedding quite a bit. And yes, their coat was much softer after a couple of quick passes with the brush.

The FURminator deLuxe iis available in pet specialty stores, vet clinics, and of course the larger pet stores. Of course, if you want to support PetsWeekly (and we would love it if you do!), you can purchase it here

For all those planning ahead to Spring, you should pick the Fur-ejector up today. There are really just too many things to love about FURminator, and the Fur Ejector is one more “must have” product of 2010.

The only down side of the FURminator is the cost. The bright side of that is you’ll only need to buy it once. Many of you have asked me if it’s really worth the money. I have answered each of you with the word, “Absolutely.” I’ve been using FURminator products for years now, and have never yet had to purchase a replacement.

Just be sure you get the right size for your dog or cat. There’s a reason they have a large selection and let’s face it – if you’re buying a new tool that you plan on getting a lot of use out of, it’s important to buy the right one for the job. And with the FURminator deLuxe line of products, you can even choose from a great selection of colors!

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