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Finding Rover: The New App for Lost Dogs


Thanks to a brand new app, finding a lost dog seems a task less daunting. As a pet owner, I often worry about the odds my pup has of being reunited with our family if he ever got lost. Even though he is microchipped, there is no guarantee that he will be found safely, or, if he makes it that far, that he’ll be taken to a local vet, the pound, or any other place that has a microchip scanner. There are too many factors in the way of my dog’s safe return.

Now, the times have changed. Apple finally released an app called Finding Rover that utilizes facial recognition software to create a pet database.

It’s really pretty simple. All the user has to do is to use the app to take a photo of their beloved canine. Once the photo loads to the database, the pet can be registered to its owner.

If a pet is found, a person can snap a photo of the lost dog, and if the pup is in the database, all of its owner’s contact info will appear. You can send the worried parents a text message letting them know that their pet is safe, and arrange for a pet/family reunion. What could be easier than that?

If your pet gets lost, you can alert Finding Rover, and the app will begin checking for found local dogs. Soon, there will be no need to wonder and scour the streets with worry.

And the best part? It’s free.

Download Finding Rover to your iPad or iPhone today. It just may save your pets life! It’s not available for Android quite yet, but it will be soon.

About the Author

Cindy Romero is an animal lover from North Carolina. She writes for Pet Premium when she isn’t playing fetch with her two dogs or trying to keep her cat off of the kitchen counters.

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