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DFD: Doggy Flotation Device


Summer is here and it’s more important than ever to prepare your pups for the pool or lakes. If you’re one of our seagoing readers, be sure that your pets have a personal flotation device before you ever let them set paw on board your vessel.

EZYDog has a great PFD that you’ll love. With over 50% more flotation material than other PFD’s, you can be assured of a safe vacation for both you and your pets.

EZYDog combines some unique manufacturing techniques with the highest performing materials available on the market. Cheiss is our “water dog” and he wears with the Doggy Flotation Device easily. With six sizes available, we are assured of a proper fit that won’t effect our dog’s ability to swim or run. EzyDog ensures your dog is getting the right fit and will be safe if they fall or jump into the water.

Not all dogs know how to swim, although it may seem like they do. It doesn’t take much for our pups to follow us out in the surf and quickly get in over their heads when a riptide catches them. Or to quickly tire as they attempt to follow us out. So even if you’re just at the beach, be sure you and your pet are prepared.

The DFD is very simple to adjust and like all of their items, makes it very simple to put on – just two clicks and your pup is ready for water!

The price is also right – you’ll only spend between $37 and $57 for the peace of mind a DFD will bring. 

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