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DERMagic’s Organic Shampoo Bar Stops Fleas


Spring is arriving early in many parts of the country and this means that insects are going to be particularly plentiful this year. Get an early jump on Spring by protecting your pet naturally. One of our most favorite pet skin care product lines has just introduced the new DERMagic Organic Diatomaceous Earth Flea Shampoo Bar.

If you haven’t ever used a ‘Spoo Bar” to wash your pets, it’s something you have to try immediately. The bar makes for easier lathering, more control over distribution of suds, and like “people soap” – is designed to rinse cleanly.  Now you can use that same model to naturally repel insects.

The DERMagic Flea Bar is the only Shampoo Bar that has successfully integrated Diatomaceous Earth in its formulation.  Diatomaceous Earth is a fine white powder made by tiny (microscopic) water creatures that make silica-based shells for themselves. These tiny shells fall to the bottom of lakes and oceans over millions of years, accumulating in massive white deposits that are then mined and crushed to a fine powder.  Deadly to any insect or larvae, each tiny “shell” is very sharp, like razor blades to insects, but completely harmless to all animals, fish, and birds.

The Flea Bar from DERMagic

By combining this element with a proprietary blend of essential oils, bathing with the DERMagic Flea Bar kills fleas and deters them from jumping onto the dog. As an additional benefit, this shampoo bar provides an anti-microbial, calming and therapeutic effect for dogs with both dry and oily skin. And, it is completely safe, using no toxins, chemical insecticides, sulfates or other irritants that can exacerbate itchiness.

“Our customers have been asking for a natural way to kill fleas for a long time now and we are thrilled to be able to respond to their demand with this amazing shampoo bar,” said Dr. Adelia Ritchie, founder of DERMagic Skin Care for Animals. “This type of product doesn’t exist in the market today and we’re confident that its ease-of-use, rich lather, and ability to safely and naturally deal with such a prolific problem for pet owners will make this our number one selling Shampoo Bar.”

Not surprisingly, these bars are selling quickly – be sure to order yours today to ensure you have plenty for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

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The DERMagic Flea Bar joins the line-up of our other favorite products, DERMagic Shampoo Bars. All of these bars are handmade in the Pacific Northwest with organic vegetable oils. DERMagic Skin Care for Animals is an all-natural and organic comprehensive skin care line for pets, especially those suffering from skin problems – even those otherwise unresolved by traditional veterinary medicine.  The company’s other top selling products include the DERMagic Skin Rescue Shampoo Bar for dogs with active skin conditions, DERMagic Skin Rescue Lotion and Hot Spot Salve for Hot Spots, Alopecia X, allergies and a variety of skin conditions, one-of-a-kind Anti-Dandruff Salt Scrub, and Cell Restoration Crème for dry, cracked pads.


DERMagic Skin Care for Animals is one of the top companies providing all-natural, proven and sustainable solutions for pets with skin conditions.  All DERMagic products are formulated with the finest natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients are free from harsh chemicals, including sodium laurel sulfate and steroids, and are guaranteed effective when used as directed. DERMagic products can be purchased online at www.DERMagic.com and in select retail shops, grooming salons and veterinarian offices throughout North America.


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