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The Cujo Leash


cujo-leash-ezydogThe EZYDog Cujo leash is designed for larger breeds of dogs who ?pull” you around everywhere you go. The neat thing about this leash is the pyramid pull system that helps to equally distribute weight loads. The other neat thing about the leash is the extension that’s available, which helps you walk two or three dogs at a time without too much of a problem.

It’s unique. Particularly when it comes to the part of the leash that you hold on to. I know there’s a word for that part of the leash, but we’ll just call it a handle for now. The handle is reminiscent of a waterski rope and it allows you a much firmer hold on the leash, which gives you greater control over the dog. If you use it in conjunction with a halti or ezlead, you’ll never need to worry about your dog taking off on you. Or worse, with you.

Created with nylon rope that stretches a bit, the leash gives you a total of six inches of shock absorption if your big dog tries to take off. That’s enough of lead time to ensure you don’t get your shoulder taken out of its socket! If you have a large dog that is repeatedly pulling against you, this is the leash for you.

While the standard Cujo leash is 25” long, but there is another one available that is 40” long and offers up to 12” of shock absorption – ideal for smaller dogs who just need a little extra exploration room.

Add the Standard Extension for additional length, or add 2 extensions for dual tangle-free dog walking! Check out the video on their site for more information.

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