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Get Fit with A Pit in Arizona

Benji hiked by Jerry Germeau

Benji hiked by Jerry GermeauOne of the things we love about our Arizona animal rescue associations is their creativity in helping pets get out of the shelter and adopted. Get Fit with A Pit gives rescued dogs a much needed break from the stresses of kennel life and it gives volunteers a chance to socialize with friends and get fit in the process. This is the second annual challenge for Lost Paws, an Arizona rescue group that does a lot of good for our community.

If your new year’s resolution is to get fit, do it with a pit in 2014. Volunteers are very welcome. Over 30 dogs were participants in today’s hike – it’s a great way to help animals and enjoy our beautiful weather.

Lost Paws is here to help you meet your goal and you’ll have the opportunity to help rescued animals get socialized and exercised.  You’ll receive special incentives (not the least of which is a furry friend to keep you motivated!) and you’ll be entered to win special prizes. There are eight hikes scheduled in Arizona and you’ll be entered to win one of five gift baskets, which include gas cards, movie tickets, dining cards and plenty of other wonderful prizes. Here is how you can sign up during the months of January and February.


What counts as a HIKE?

  • A Hike includes any trail in Arizona
  • A picture documenting with / of our dog on your hike (which you can help network the dog on your media sites.)

Forever Home Bonus

If your dog is adopted during any of the events, you will receive a $100 bonus!  And if  you take the best picture while you’re on the trail, you’ll receive another $100 dining card from PF Changs.

Get Fit With A Pit Schedule

Acoma Location
7615 W. Acoma dr.
Peoria, AZ 85381
(717) 808-1926 (Erin)
Monday – Sunday
*Please call/text for scheduling even on weekends*

Whispering Wind

5204 W. Whispering Wind dr.
Glendale, AZ 85310
Call or Text
(602) 314-9803 Ashley (Mon-Sat 6am-2pm)
(602) 329-5681 Kendall (Mon-Fri 1230pm-830pm)
(602) 349-3572 Nicole (All Day Saturday & Sunday)
(623) 606-7239 Ashley (Anytime if you are having trouble getting a hold of someone!)
*Please call/text for scheduling*
*Dogs should be home when dark*

Lake Pleasant
23838 N. 97th Ave
Peoria, AZ 85383
(623) 313-8270 (Aaron)
*Please call/text for scheduling even on weekends*

Scottsdale Location
6975A East Osborn Rd,
Scottsdale, Az 85251
(928) 814-2816 (Carly)
*Text to set apt if possible! If not feel free to call*

Register for 8 HIKES

  • Entered in for a raffle to win 1 of 5 Gift Baskets valued @ $25.00
  • A 2014 Lost Paws Calender
  • Entered in for a raffle of a $50 gas card

Register for 15 HIKES

  • Entered in for a raffle to win 1 of 5 Gift Baskets valued @ $50.00
  • Receive a Lost Paws – Super Nova or Lady Love t-shirt
  • Entered in for the raffle Dinner and a Movie ($100 gift card to The Yard House and a $25 gift card to AMC theaters)

Register for 25 HIKES

  • Entered in for a raffle to win 1 in 5 Gift Baskets valued @ $100.00
  • A Lost Paws t-shirt of your choice
  • A gift card (valued up to $50)
  • Entered in for the raffle Getaway Vacation!


  • Bring a non-registered friend to take a dog along with you and another dog on a hike. (2 dogs – 1 registered person – 1 non-registered person = Bonus Punch)


  • Get the EXTRA FIT PUNCH by taking 2 round trips up and down the mountain. The catch is.. It has to be a different dog each round trip on the same day.

*The Forever Home Bonus*

Any dog that finds their forever home during this challenge as a result of your effort, will receive $100 cash. All adoptions will have the normal protocol (home check and approved application)

*Best Photo*

  • We will be voting on a Best Photo at the end of the challenge.
  • Winner receives a gift card to PF Chang’s (valued for $100)


  • There are all different breeds to take this challenge with. Please make a request if you would like something different than a Pit 🙂
  • A Hike only counts if a proof picture is taken and it must be uploaded to the Get fit with a Pit Challenge Facebook page.
  • Once passed 5 or / and 10 hikes you are entered into all the raffles for the hikes completed.

Photos by:

Benji hiked by Jerry Germeau
Hazel hiked by Kelley Mallon


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