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Dog saves boy from cougar


Angel, credited with saving an 11-year-old boy’s life, suffered only minor injuries. (RCMP)

A golden retriever is being credited with saving the life of an 11-year-old boy from a cougar attack in Boston Bar, B.C. over the weekend.  Police report that the boy was gathering firewood in his yard on Saturday when a cougar charged him.

Angel, the Golden Retriever, began following Austin as he gathered the wood. Austin reports that the dog appeared nervous. When the cougar charged, Angel jumped a lawnmower to intercept the attack as the boy ran indoors to get help.

 When authorities arrived, the cougar had drug the dog under the porch and was reportedly “chewing on its neck.” Police shot and killed the wild animal.

Angel suffered puncture wounds on her neck and legs, but is expected to make a full recovery. Austin escaped without injury.

“I feel very, very lucky. If it wasn’t for my dog, I don’t think I would be here.” Austin said he now feels very differently about Angel. “She was my best friend, but now she’s more than a best friend — she’s like my guardian now.”

Boston Bar is located roughly midway between Vancouver and Kamloops.

From CBC News


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